The Good Place Season 3 Episode 7 recap: Chapter 33

Photo Credit: The Good Place/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village
Photo Credit: The Good Place/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

This week on The Good Place, we meet Eleanor’s mom. Also, Tahani confronts her sister Kamilah and tries to bury the hatchet.

We start this week’s episode of The Good Place in Tarantula Springs, Nevada, where Eleanor and Michael have tracked down Eleanor’s mom. When confronted with why he didn’t tell her sooner about her mom being alive, Michael says he didn’t want to be a bummer after telling her she had died and was tortured.

Michael tells Eleanor that her mom faked her death after bidding $30,000 for a date with Gene Simmons. She ran away and is living under the name Diana Tremaine, which is also Eleanor’s fake name.

Eleanor ends up confronting her mom, who doesn’t think there should be a reason to freak out. There’s nothing wrong with what she did or what she’s doing. Finally, Eleanor asks whose mansion they were in. Donna/Diana answers that it’s her boyfriend, Dave’s. That’s when Eleanor thinks she has it all figured out. Donna/Diana is scamming Dave.

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Dave and his daughter come home, and Donna/Diana introduces Eleanor as her sorority sister. Eleanor takes one look of the three of them playing happy family and immediately doesn’t like it.

Back in Budapest, Janet, Tahani, Jason and Chidi are waiting in line to see Kamilah’s new exhibit. Tahani doesn’t like waiting in line, because she’s never had to wait in anything before. They’re looking around the exhibit, and Tahani comments that all Kamilah has to do is paint stupid shapes and people go mad. Janet tells Tahani that she and her sister need to make amends and end the competition with each other in order for Kamilah to stay out of The Bad Place.

Tahani is tired of waiting in line, so she cuts up to the front. Kamilah is rude and makes a joke about her waiting in line to see her. The exhibit is an omelet bar, which is not only art but commentary on life. When Tahani doesn’t order an omelet, Kamilah shuts down the exhibit.

Back in Nevada, Michael and Dave bond over both being architects, and we learn that Donna/Diana met Dave when he was shutting down a bar she was in. Michael tells them that he and Eleanor met while living in the same neighborhood. And while drinking Dave’s really good margaritas, they learn that Diana/Donna is running to be PTA secretary.

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Janet and Jason are touring the museum. Jason points out a painting and gives a funny commentary on it. Janet tells him he picked out the most expensive painting in the whole museum and rattles off the price. Jason forgot that she knew everything, and loves that she does, so he excitedly asks if they can do the whole museum.

Tahani and Kamilah are chatting and Tahani apologizes for all the hurt she has caused Kamilah. Kamilah doesn’t accept the apology. Tahani throws an egg at a picture of an egg. The bystanders commend Kamilah for the brilliant art.

Eleanor is searching all over the house for Donna/Diana’s secret stash of money, which is a sign that she is running a scam. She’s in Patricia’s room when she comes home. Patricia tells Eleanor that Diana bought most of the stuffed animals for her. Eleanor is convinced the money is in one of the animals, but Michael stops her before she can take a huge butcher knife to them. And then Michael puts on his “dad voice” and tells Eleanor she’s going to the PTA meeting.

The Good Place Season 3
Photo Credit: The Good Place/NBC, Acquired From NBCUniversal Media Village /

Tahani is frustrated that Kamilah won’t accept her apology. So Chidi says he’ll go talk to her. Kamilah won’t let him get more than two words out before she takes his fears and says they’re hers now. Tahani, even more frustrated, picks up an ax and confronts Kamilah. After she demands Kamilah accept her apology, and Kamilah refuses again, so Tahani smashed the ax into the exhibit.

At the PTA meeting, Diana/Donna gives a great speech about how she wants to be there for Patricia. After, Eleanor confronts Dave about Diana/Donna’s true identity, and he reveals that she told him on their first day together.

When they’re alone, Michael asks Eleanor why she can’t just believe that Diana/Donna has changed, since they both have changed. Eleanor breaks down and admits it’s because Diana/Donna is now the mom she’s always wanted, and if she changed that means Eleanor “wasn’t worth changing for.”

Chidi and Tahani have been arrested for vandalizing the art. Tahani tells Janet and Chidi about her childhood and how her parents were always trying to pit her and Kamilah against each other. We then see a flashback of the two sisters being put in a painting competition against each other.

Tahani comes to the realization that all of the paintings are representative of their relationship. She runs over and hugs Kamilah tight, apologizing again, but this time for the fact that their parents were “wankers” who pit them in competition with each other. Kamilah accepts the apology and tells the police to let them go.

Eleanor is helping Diana/Donna do laundry and finds the getaway money. Diana/Donna reveals that she has it as a backup plan in case things go bad. But Eleanor helps her realize that she’s really happy in her new suburban life. And since she’s so happy there, she needs to commit to it. Eleanor tells Diana/Donna to use the escape money on Patricia. Donna/Diana tells Eleanor that she’s a good person, the second person to say so this season.

After being pulled over so the officer could tell Janet she’s a perfect driver, Tahani reads that Kamilah has given her shared credit for the ax smashed into the omelet table, calling the piece “Fractured Inheritance.”

Eleanor and Michael say goodbye to Dave and Diana/Donna. In the car on their way to meet the rest of the group, Eleanor tells Michael that she is still sad about all of the damage Diana/Donna caused her. It’s her fault that Eleanor can never get close to anyone, she can’t even tell her boyfriends that she loves them. And that’s when Michael lays yet another bombshell on Eleanor by revealing that in one of the afterlife lives, she and Chidi fell in love.

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