Fandom 250: Wonder Woman lands fifth in the movies category


Wonder Woman has claimed her spot on Fandom 250 once again. However, the Amazonian warrior drops to 50th.

This year, Wonder Woman is sitting comfortably at 50 overall and fifth in the movies category. Wonder Woman comes ahead of Frozen, Rocky/Creed, Mary Poppins and even Captain Marvel, which is a film that many moviegoers have been getting excited to see.

While it was ranked at 19 last year, we should still be proud of Wonder Woman of coming in at fifth in movies, with 2018 being a year filled with blockbusters. Wonder Woman has earned multiple awards including Best Action Movie this year, beating out Thor: Ragnarok, Logan, and War for the Planet of the Apes.

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Fans have fallen in love with this character and movie, and what’s not to like about a female superhero that saved the DC extended universe from dying off? We also have Gal Gadot who does not let the spotlight go to her head and is willing to visit sick children in hospitals.

Because of her care and support of others, fans have flocked to her film and have even started a petition last year that urged the Golden Globes to add director Patty Jenkins to Best Director nominees, it ended up earning 11,000 signatures.

We expect her to stay on this list next year, and hopefully, rise in the rankings. However, we are aware of several action films she will face off against.

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Are you happy that Wonder Woman made it on the list? Why do you think she deserves to move higher? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

We as Wonder Woman fans are gearing up for Wonder Woman: 1984 which opens on November 1, 2019.