Chicago Fire recap: What happens at the dog competition?

CHICAGO FIRE -- Photo by: Elizabeth Morris -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
CHICAGO FIRE -- Photo by: Elizabeth Morris -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Brett wants to help Casey apartment hunt on Chicago Fire Season 7, Episode 11. Meanwhile, Kidd decides to put Tuesday into a dog competition.

Firehouse 51 suffers some tensions in Chicago Fire Season 7, Episode 11. And it’s not all about Stellaride and how the rest of the firehouse reacts to their breakup (by the way, Cruz is not the one to complain about in-firehouse relationships!).

Meanwhile, Brett wants to help Casey find himself a new apartment. She might not want to take her new boyfriend house hunting and maybe not go on about House Hunters to Emily!

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Speaking of Emily, she certainly is very much like Gabby. Will she rein her anger and stubbornness in?

Brett goes house hunting

Casey doesn’t like the idea of looking for a new apartment, but he has to after the devastating fire last week. This is perfect for Brett. She loves House Hunters and now she wants to help Casey find his. When she’s on a date with her new boyfriend (I miss Antonio but this guy is alright), she sees that there’s an open house at an apartment.

Could this be right for Casey? I’m not sure about you, but it’s right for me just from that initial view!

The new guy is sweet and tags along. You can tell that they’re good together but I feel like this is moving a little too fast. Maybe it’s just because I miss Brettonio so much.

What is for sure is that Brett has no idea what Casey wants in an apartment. That’s not exactly surprising considering she was Dawson’s best friend and not Casey’s. Plus, Casey decides Severide needs him to stick around for now.

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CHICAGO FIRE — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris — Acquired via NBC Media Village
CHICAGO FIRE — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Severide loses the boat

Remember the guy who hired Kelly to do the boat restoration last week? Well, if you thought Severide would get involved in the kid’s life, you were right. We all called that, right?

This week sees Severide talk to the kid about his life, mentioning that he was dealt a rough hand. Mom’s dead and dad clearly isn’t that interested. Of course, daddy doesn’t like what Severide has said so decides to fire him from the restoration.

It’s not like Severide even wanted this job, anyway. He took it because of everything he’s going through so he isn’t overly bothered about being fired.

If only it could end with that. The major call for the episode is a fire at the house. Nobody is hurt but the guy clearly thinks that Severide set the fire. Of course, Firehouse 51 doesn’t blame him but there is the chance the fire was purposely started. Arson specialists find a pile of rags in oil that could have spontaneously combusted and that could have taken a few hours.

While the cops continue to focus on Kelly, the young boy, Riley, admits to Kelly that he started the fire. Kelly isn’t shocked. In fact, he’d figured out that it was Riley. It is a chance for a heart-to-heart about how Riley should act around his dad, choosing to be better than his dead.

Will Severide take the fall for Riley? Oh, hell no! He’s getting the young boy to own up, which is a really good lesson for everyone.

CHICAGO FIRE — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris — Acquired via NBC Media Village
CHICAGO FIRE — Photo by: Elizabeth Morris — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Kidd throws herself into dog training

While trying to deal with the breakup with Severide, Stella throws herself into a dog competition. Tuesday isn’t exactly the most attentive dog, so Stella certainly has her work cut out for her, but she takes it. Herrmann knows that this is all a distraction but she isn’t giving up.

It turns out that Tuesday isn’t ignoring her orders but just isn’t interested in her treats. Anyone who has a dog will understand this. Any dog will do as they’re told if they have treats they love. And yes, peanut butter is a miracle worker.

It can also be a downfall. It’s not surprising to hear that Tuesday doesn’t follow commands when she needs to. Seeing a child with a snack leads to Tuesday running towards the child and licking her face.

Emily shows her compassion for patients

The first call of Chicago Fire Season 7, Episode 11 is a motor accident. A bus driver has had a seizure and crashed. Anyone who lived in Glasgow at the time of the bus accident one Christmas will have feared for the passengers and local people, but fortunately, nobody was gravely hurt.

What this does open up is the woman’s overmedication. She had her own medical card on her to make sure anyone treating her would know about all the medication she was on. Emily realizes that this was why the bus driver had a seizure and makes it clear she isn’t impressed with Dr. Shaw.

After kicking off at a nurse at the hospital, the fire chief shows up angrily. He doesn’t want another paramedic like Dawson. But Emily can’t let this drop and decides to pay the doctor a visit instead after advising the bus driver to get a new doctor.

Does Emily get fired? Definitely not! In fact, the error is caught, the patient is taken off some of her meds, and the fire chief apologizes for threatening Emily’s job.

It turns out that Dr. Shaw wasn’t the bad guy. He was the first doctor and the patient kept seeing other doctors. They hadn’t looked at her other medication. It does end with Dr. Shaw asking Emily out on a date.

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What did you think of Emily’s attitude? Did you fear Severide’s arrest storyline would go on for a while longer? Were you surprised at the ending to Tuesday’s dog competition? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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