This Is Us announces Carl Lumbly to play Beth’s dad, casts young and teen Beth

This Is Us has announced the actors set to play Young Beth and Teen Beth in recurring roles, and Carl Lumbly guest stars as Beth’s dad.

With This Is Us’ Beth-centered episode quickly approaching the actors who will play Beth’s younger selves have finally been announced. Rachel Naomi Hilson (Madam Secretary) will be recurring as Teen Beth and Akira Akbar (Grey’s Anatomy) will be recurring as Young Beth.

The two actors will join the rest of the young cast who play versions of the Big Three at different points in their lives. This includes Niles Fitch and Lonnie Chavis as Teen Randall and Young Randall, Logan Shroyer and Parker Bates as Teen Kevin and Young Kevin, and Hannah Zeile and Mackenzie Hancsicsak as Teen Kate and Young Kate.

It has also been announced that Carl Lumbly will be guest starring as Beth’s father Abe Clarke for the upcoming episode. Lumbly has been recurring on Supergirl as M’yrnn J’onzz, the father of Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz, the character he famously voiced on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

I just thought that connection was really cool and geeky. Lumbly is also known for his roles on Cagney & Lacey and Alias. He also stars in the upcoming The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep as Dick Halloran.

LOS ANGELES – JULY 13: Actor Carl Lumbly attends the “ABC Television Network 2004 Summer Press Tour All-Star Party” at the C2 Caf? July 13, 2004 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

The Beth-centered episode is entitled ‘Our Little Island Girl” and follows Beth and Zoe as they take a road trip to D.C. to visit Beth’s mom Carol (Phylicia Rashad). Along the way their trip triggers flashbacks to their formative years and what their own family drama looked like before the Pearsons. Gore Višnjić also appears as Beth’s former teacher Vincent.

According to Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth Pearson, the episode will also explore Beth’s future at the dance studio in those flash forward moments. The episode airs Tuesday, January 19 at 9:00 ET on NBC.

Source: Deadline