Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes where Tina deserved better than Jimmy Jr

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Bob's Burgers
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5. “Burger War”

The first episode to make the list is “Burger War.” Technically, this episode doesn’t follow an exclusive plot with Tina and Jimmy Jr. Instead, it’s all about Jimmy Pesto trying to take over the restaurant and make it into a gift shop. There are a few moments between Tina and Jimmy Jr, most of which he acts like a jerk during.

At the beginning of the episode, Tina tries to get Jimmy Jr’s attention but he’s too busy slow-dancing with himself. She even tries to kiss him and gets ignored. It’s not as if Jimmy Jr doesn’t see her. Even though he has his headphones in, there’s no way Jimmy didn’t notice her and Louise even makes a comment about it. It’s so frustrating as Tina deserves so much better than that and she even takes up slow dancing to get his attention.

The other moment comes at the end of the episode. At the end of the episode, everyone goes to Bob’s and Tina starts dancing to get Jimmy Jr’s attention. She eventually does but he calls her “Tracy” instead of Tina. Only 3 episodes ago, the two of them were kissing and he doesn’t even remember her name now? The two end up dancing together, but it doesn’t feel authentic.

Season 1 is just the start of Tina and Jimmy Jr’s complicated on and off the relationship as it gets more complex in the later seasons.