Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes where Tina deserved better than Jimmy Jr

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3. “Presto Tina-o”

This time, we don’t have to skip too far ahead. Moving on to season 4, the episode that stands out is “Presto Tina-o.” Once again, this is another case of Jimmy Jr being an absolute jerk to Tina for no reason. That could be any episode honestly but let’s talk about “Presto Tina-o.”

“Presto Tina-o” is all about magic even though there’s none between Tina and Jimmy Jr. Jimmy Jr wants to perform at the annual magic festival and Tina agrees to be his assistant. Even though he thinks he’s being magical, Jimmy Jr is mostly just dancing around. Tina tries to help him but he fires her and replaces her with Tammy. To get back at him, Tina vows revenge and enters the contest, too.

She gets the DJ to play impossible dancing music for him but feels bad. She ends up, saving Jimmy Jr’s act. In the end, the two are awarded best on-stage chemistry much to Tina’s excitement. Her efforts are all in vain as the two don’t even end up together and Tina doesn’t get so much as a kiss.

Despite everything Tina’s willing to do, Jimmy Jr wouldn’t do the same to her. He also knows how much Tina doesn’t like Tammy and hires her as a replacement. There are a million reasons why Tina shouldn’t be with him and “Presto Tina-o” is just another one.