Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes where Tina deserved better than Jimmy Jr

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2. “V for Valentine-detta”

Surprisingly, the next-to-the-last episode doesn’t really feature Tina and Jimmy Jr together. However, Jimmy Jr is the reason why Tina feels like she does. Before moving on the episode, I wanted to highlight a few other episodes: “The Hormone-iums,” “Ex Mach Tina,” and “Can’t Buy Me Math.”

Moving on “V for Valentine-detta,” the entire episode is all about Tina trying to get over Jimmy Jr dumping her and going out with someone else on Valentine’s Day. The kicker is that Jimmy Jr takes the frame Tina made for him and puts a picture of him and another girl in it. Eventually, Tina does cheer up enough to want to throw a stink bomb at the two of them.

In the end, Tina decides to be the more mature person and even befriends Becky as the two realize Jimmy Jr is a jerk. This is by no means a stereotypical Valentine’s Day episode but it’s a perfect example for why Tina deserves better than Jimmy Jr. He not only rejects Tina but makes it even worse by using her gift for another girl. For Tina, that had to feel like the biggest slap in the face.

Once again, Tina is the bigger person and doesn’t stoop down to Jimmy Jr’s level. For a while, it seemed like Tina was over him. She hasn’t talked much about him or been around him. For some reason, Tina’s heart just can’t get over Jimmy Jr.  It looks like the two are going to reunite for this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers.