Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes where Tina deserved better than Jimmy Jr

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Photo Credit: Bob’s Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob’s Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /

1. “Every Which Way But Goose”

Finishing off the list is the show’s newest episode, “Every Which Way But Goose.” Before I get into the episode, there will be spoilers from this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers! Once again, Tina is rejected by Jimmy Jr and it ends up with her making a somewhat unlikely friend.

“Every Which Way But Goose” begins with Tina talking about her theme idea for the 8th-grade dance. She tells the family that she wants Jimmy Jr to ask her including her ideas. Once at school, Tina’s theme gets picked and she’s happy until Jimmy Jr meets her at her locker. Finally, Jimmy Jr admits that he’s not going to ask Tina to the dance and she goes to the park to cool off. At the park, she makes friends with Bruce, a goose.

Once again, Jimmy Jr proves why he’s an absolute jerk. Most notably, he agrees to go with Tina but changes his mind. He also keeps trying to talk to her about it but doesn’t understand why she got so mad. Despite her theme being picked, Tina ends up quitting dance committee because she’s so upset. Tina even starts being distant and upset with the family over Jimmy Jr’s rejection.

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We find out Jimmy Jr injured his butt, but he doesn’t tell Tina because he’s “embarrassed.” As much as Tina likes Jimmy Jr, she would have understood so he had no reason to lie. Despite Jimmy Jr saving Bruce, Tina would never have been upset if Jimmy Jr would have been honest from the start. Tina deserves better than someone who won’t even tell her the truth.

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What did you think of “Every Which Way But Goose?” Do you think Tina should drop Jimmy Jr for good or do you think the two belong together? Be sure to let me know in the comments!