All American: 6 takeaways from Season 1, Episode 13

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All American

All American — “Legacy”–  Pictured (L-R): Cody Christian as Asher and Daniel Ezra as Spencer — Photo: Erik Voake/The CW

4. Asher and Spencer are becoming friends.

After sharing a nice scene last week where Spencer was able to give Asher advice on the field and Asher was able to provide advice off the field (pertaining to Layla) it was great to see their relationship is continuing to develop into something resembling real friendship. Even Layla was happy to tease the burgeoning “bromance” between the pair. Although it doesn’t stop Spencer from asking her when he’s leaving every so often.

5. Grace’s professor has romantic feelings for her.

I loved seeing Grace in her community college class this week. It’s great to see her getting her own development and story outside of her family. She is interested in learning about urban planning after the catastrophe of the Flint water crisis, an incident, she comments that never should have happened in the first place and could be prevented in the future with better planning on a ground level.

Grace and her professor, Micah, hit it off. He takes an immediate interest in her due to her intelligence, poise, and the fact she’s perhaps the only student in his classroom with a genuine passion for the subject. Unfortunately, Spencer interrupts their first “date” and clearly scares Micah off.

I wonder if he’ll be making a return appearance? The story reminded me somewhat of Karen and Andy from One Tree Hill.

6. Coop is getting in way over her head.

Coop’s story is more in the background this week but she is becoming more and more ingrained in Tyrone’s crew. Unfortunately, she isn’t as clever about hiding her intentions as she thought she was being as one of the men calls her out on being like the Greeks in the infamous Trojan war. I

‘m not sure I’ve ever heard a discussion about the Trojan horse come off as ominous as the chilling car conversation that closed out the episode. All I know is, Coop is going to need some serious help soon.

Odds & Ends

  • The scenes between Olivia and Laura this week were nice follow-ups to the previous episode when Olivia implored her family to pay more attention to her post-getting clean. I appreciated Laura following up with her daughter and the touching moment where Olivia shared her paper with her felt well-earned.
  • Willie is a petty old thing, telling Spencer to “lower his expectations” before eating the ribs. Didn’t stop him from eating about 12 of them!

A new episode of All American titled “Regulate” premieres March 6 on the CW.

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