Star vs. the Forces of Evil: 5 best moments from the Season 4 premiere


Star vs the Forces of Evil returned with a double premiere, did Star manage to find her mother? Does Queen Moon remember who she is?

Star vs the Forces of Evil has finally aired the first two episodes of the fourth season! Star, River, and Marco have been desperately seeking Queen Moon since she vanished after spending too much time in the magical realm. Without her memory, she doesn’t know anything about Star, Mewni, or her time spent as a ruler. Where could she have ended up and did Star ever manage to find her?

The opening hour of the final season answers plenty of questions, plus gives us a glimpse of Queen Eclipsa’s current reign over the Kingdom of Mewni. Let’s look at 5 of the biggest moments from the premiere.

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5. The Pie Carnival has an impostor.

After quadruple checking every tower, nook, and cranny in the kingdom, Star finds her first lead in the form of a monster wearing a shirt with her mother’s face on it. The nearby Pie Carnival is full of celebratory Queen Moon items. They even put on a show (an offensive one at that) which flanderizes River and Star’s character while praising Moon.

Just when Star gives up hope that her mother is there she appears on stage! Or does she? After kidnapping this supposed Moon, they find out it was actually an impostor. A method actor named Erik dressed up as her.

4. Queen Eclipsa has made some interesting changes to the kingdom.

Dismayed by their inability to find Moon, Star and Marco head back to the castle and we get to see the changes Eclipsa has made in her new reign as rightful queen. Monsters have rights again and are allowed to come and go as they please! Many live in the castle now. Plus Eclipsa has been redecorating the entire place with her typical, exuberant yet stylish flair.

She also has a team at work constantly trying to chip away at the crystal containing her monster husband and Meteora has run of the place as she  scampers around, hissing. Eclipsa claims she doesn’t remember anything from the previous seasons of Star vs the Forces of Evil, when she was all grown up and evil, but given the creepy glares she kept giving Marco, I’m not completely convinced that’s true.

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3. Who made the pies on Pie Island?

Just when it seems like it might be the right time to give up on her search, Star catches a glimpse of one of the pies Marco took from the carnival. It has a familiar crust, one she’s only ever seen her mother make before.

That means their next destination is Pie Island, the place where all the Pie Folk pies are created!

2. Marco, Star, and River get captured by the Pie Folk.

No sooner does the search party arrive at Pie Island do they wind up kidnapped by the scamming pie folk, including the insidious Pie King himself who places them in the public square, captive in the stocks.

But they have an unknown ally on Pie Island, Fool Duke! She wins the auction for them and brings them home, revealing her family are actually natives to the island. Sadly, she also informs Star that the crust she believed her mom made isn’t anything special. It’s how Pie Folk have always made their pies. Dejected, they leave once again.

1. Queen Moon is the Sky Baker.

In their journey back to Mewni, they’re stopped by a familiar scent wafting up from a volcano, a scent recognizable due to its connection to Moon! They travel down to the volcano and there, in the midst of a scary pie-baking assembly, is Queen Moon! She doesn’t recognize Star or remember her husband until Star starts singing a familiar melody, the one her mother always sang while baking pies when she was younger.

Moon decides she would like to go with Star bu the Pie King doesn’t want to lose his star baker and gives chase. Fool Duke saves the day once more and they all escape together in her hot air balloon, headed home. Moon’s memories are still lost but she finally feels like she’s back where she belongs!

Perhaps the photo Star keeps (given to her by Father Time from the future – it’s a paradox!) showing her and Marco having a happy beach day, will come true after all.

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What did you think of the season four premiere of Star vs the Forces of Evil? Do you like the changes Eclipsa has made to the kingdom? What will happen if Globgar, her monster love, ever gets released from his crystal? Will Moon ever get her memory back? Sound off in the comments below.

Two new episodes of Star vs the Forces of Evil titled “Moon Remembers” and “Swim Suit” premiere Mar. 17 on both Disney Channel and Disney XD.