Happy! Season 2: Five WTF moments from Episode 4

HAPPY! -- "Blitzkrieg!!!" Episode 204 -- Pictured: Patton Oswald as Happy! -- (Photo by: SYFY)
HAPPY! -- "Blitzkrieg!!!" Episode 204 -- Pictured: Patton Oswald as Happy! -- (Photo by: SYFY) /
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HAPPY! -(Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY) /

4. Orcus recruits an army

Mr. Blue had himself another week of having an identity crisis with the entity known as Orcus going much further in taking over his body. Isolated in solitaire after killing a nurse and seven inmates, he finds himself alone with the evil inside him. Their convo does not bode well as Orcus tells him that the blackouts will happen more and more until he eventually takes full control.

Sometime later, he confronts the group who sent the inmates to kill him. At first, they act like they are about to attack him with each prisoner grabbing a blade of some type. That is until the entity starts saying religious verses and the leader of the group starts chopping his own appendages against his own will. The men drop their weapons and it becomes clear that he aims to make these inmates his new crew.

#5 A jelly monster

Once you think this show cannot get any weirder, it finds a way to top itself in unimaginable fashion. Last season, Meredith had a throwdown with one of the aliens known as “The Wishees” and was able to collect a blood sample from the creature. Well, she ended up putting that sample in a jelly jar and placed it in the fridge. After bringing Dayglo Doug back to Meredith’s place, Nick goes to find himself a snack. And what does he use to make this snack? The jar of jelly with the alien sample inside.

After biting into the sandwich what occurs is a disgusting reenactment of the scene most famously known in Dumb & Dumber involving Jeff Daniels. Only at the end, Nick is battling a pink alien inside the toilet that is trying to eat him. We have no idea where this is going because the scene cut off but it’s the weirdest thing to happen on the show so far, and that is saying a lot.

Final thoughts

It’s hard to find the words to say about this season of Happy. It’s clearly not a show meant for everyone but honestly, the more it pushes the envelope, the more it makes it hard to enjoy. The first season was definitely bizarre but the season had a charm that seems to not be as prevalent in season 2. The extreme over-the-top elements in the first season seemed to have more purpose than in this one, which comes across as being shocking for the sake of shock. For some viewers, that will be fine but I’m willing to bet they will lose some viewers if not careful.

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