20 British TV shows you definitely need to check out

Dad's Army -- Courtesy of BritBox
Dad's Army -- Courtesy of BritBox /
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20. Being Human

Run date: 2008-2013

Why you should watch: What do you get when you have a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf living together? If you thought this was going to be a scary or bad-graphic drama, you’ll be mistaken. It’s a dramedy and certainly a show that you want to give a chance. The group of creatures needs to figure out how to live in a human world. They need to be human.

More often than not, shows with supernatural creatures tend to be the ones hunted. The shows are often told from the human point of view learning about the world of the supernatural. This isn’t the case with Being Human. It’s all about the creatures just fitting in.

19. Misfits

Run date: 2009-2013

Why you should watch: Sometimes you want a superhero type show but you don’t want the norm. Well, this is exactly what you get with Misfits. When five juvenile offenders with clashing personalities find themselves in a fresk electrical storm, they don’t think for a minute that they’ll end up with super powers. But that’s just what happens.

Now, despite their clashes, they need to figure out how to get alone. It’s important to figure out how to manage their abilities and find a way to fit in with the rest of the world. At the same time, they’re still dealing with just being teenagers while finishing their community service project.

Well, that is all but Nathan, who doesn’t seem to have been changed from the storm. Little does he know that there’s something else special. You’ll certainly want to check it out if just to see what his power is and what Game of Thrones Ramsey Bolton is like as a sort-of good guy!