Bob’s Burgers: 5 shows to binge if you’re missing the Belchers

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4. Archer

This second show shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who is a fan of Bob’s Burgers or specifically, his voice actor. H. Jon Benjamin has one of the most unique voices in the animation community and he has a lot of experience. Benjamin is known for two roles, in particular, Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and Sterling Archer from Archer. The two shows even had a crossover in which Archer believed he was Bob Belcher.

Premiering two years before Bob’s Burgers, Archer follows a secret agent Sterling Archer and his co-workers as they get into shenanigans. Unlike other shows, the series has a new theme for its recent seasons. For the earlier seasons, it was mostly set in the Isis headquarters which Archer’s mother, Mallory was in charge of. As the latter season, they’ve been nicknamed Archer Vice, Archer Dreamland and Archer 1999.

Similar to Bob’s Burgers, Archer is still airing and officially wrapped up its ninth season at the end of July. Additionally, the two shows have a similar sense of humor as they both feature a lot of wisecracks and funny one-liners. Besides the crossover, most of the voice actors featured on Bob’s Burgers have made an appearance on Archer as different characters.

As far as shows on this list, Archer is probably the least similar to Bob’s Burgers. There are a few similarities, but Archer is a lot cruder and darker. While Bob’s can play to a more general audience, Archer seems like it’s more for a PG-13 crowd. Nevertheless, you can watch both of the series on Hulu.