Bob’s Burgers: 5 shows to binge if you’re missing the Belchers

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /
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1. Big Mouth

Unlike the previous entries, this last show is similar to Bob’s Burgers but in a different way than the others. Produced by Netflix, Big Mouth has taken the world by storm. Centered about the lives of multiple kids going through puberty, the show does an amazing job of showing the not-so-glamorous parts of growing up, hormones and everything else in between. The series even got nominated for an Emmy this year.

Rather than relating to Bob’s Burgers as a whole, this show relates to one character, in particular, and that’s Tina Belcher. Tina is a bit more muted than the characters on Big Mouth but she’s going through puberty and it’s obvious. Most people won’t admit to it but they see parts of themselves in Tina and the way she acts. Big Mouth takes it a step further and isn’t afraid to go for a grosser or cruder joke.

While Bob’s Burgers is about to air its 10th season, Big Mouth has been renewed for at least 6 seasons. Big Mouth hasn’t aired as long as Bob’s Burgers but the two shows are arguably some of the freshest animated sitcoms. They aren’t afraid to allow the characters to be themselves nor do they shy away from topics that other shows might. Additionally, each show has an incredible writing team, especially when it comes to writing punchlines.

Of all the shows on this list, Big Mouth is arguably the easiest to watch. If you have Netflix, then you can basically binge the entire series in a few days. Since Bob’s Burgers won’t return until after Labor Day, you can even try it then. Either way, Big Mouth is a great substitute while we wait for the Belchers to come back.

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