Big Brother 21 players we would like to see return for a future season

Nicole Anthony on Big Brother. Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/ CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Nicole Anthony on Big Brother. Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/ CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Every year once Big Brother has ended, fans talk about who they want to see back for future seasons. Without further ado, here are the ones we would like to see back for a future season from Big Brother 21.

Big Brother 21 concluded last Wednesday with Jackson Michie defeating Holly Allen in a 6-3 vote. One topic that fans enjoy talking about is who they would like to see in a future season. So, we decided to take a look the players who we want to see back for a future season. These could be great players who fell short, players we found entertaining, or players who simply got a raw deal.

No. 4: Cliff Hogg III

You could tell from his pre-game interviews that Cliff was going to be fun to watch. The question was, would he survive the first week. In recent seasons, older people haven’t faired very well. Big Brother 19’s Kevin Schlehuber may be the lone exception.

Cliff was on the bottom of the totem pole early on. He found himself banished on night 1, but returned to the game. In week 3, he was blindsided in a 6-4 vote. However, he returned after being out of the game for not much longer than 10 minutes.

Right after he was evicted and came back, he won HOH. His HOH win really opened up his game as he was able to make deals that gave him time to find a solid alliance to work with down the line. As a result, he found himself in a final 4 alliance with Michie, Holly, and Nicole Anthony.

Cliff soon found himself as the odds-on favorite to get to win should he get to the end. One bad decision ended up killing his game along with Nicole’s. At the final 5, they had the opportunity to blindside Michie and Holly by evicting Holly and keeping Tommy. Cliff wanted no part of keeping Tommy, thinking Tommy was better for Nicole’s game but Holly was better for his. So, after a whirlwind of events, Cliff got his way and Tommy was evicted.

Had Tommy stayed, Michie would have been all alone and not been eligible to compete for the final 4 HOH. This could’ve had a monumental impact on the game that might have led to both Cliff and Nicole being in the final 2.

No. 3: David Alexander

Night one evictions/banishments are the absolute worst. Big Brother really needs to stop doing these. This time it happened to kill the game of a potentially really good player before it even began.

If there was anyone who could’ve disrupted the momentum of the Gr8ful alliance early on, it would be David Alexander. He was clearly very perceptive as he had figured out what was going on in the house rather quickly. Unfortunately for him, he was in Camp Comeback and couldn’t do anything about it. If he had been in the game, I suspect he could’ve mobilized those who weren’t part of the alliance to join forces against Gr8ful. He is also a physically fit guy, so he could’ve been a threat in competitions as well.

No. 2: Kathryn “Kat” Dunn

Kathryn “Kat” Dunn was really fun to watch this season. She had a quirky personality that was true to who she was as a person. She might not have always been the brightest bulb in the box, but she did have a game sense that I don’t think anyone really saw coming.

It’s just unfortunate that Kat never really got herself into any kind of majority for more than a week or two. I think there is potential for Kat to make it to the end and even win in a second season should she return.

No. 1: Nicole Anthony

Let’s be honest. How can you NOT like Nicole? It was fun seeing her overcome her social awkwardness and lack of self confidence to grow into a player to be reckoned with. She was true to who she was and it was refreshing to see.

Game wise, she was an underdog in the truest sense of the word and it was fun to see her do so well in the game. She got off on the wrong foot, but eventually managed to get herself in a powerful alliance of 4 with Michie, Allen, and Cliff. This alliance got them all the way to the final 4. However, the bad move by Cliff we mentioned earlier killed both his and Nicole’s games.

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