20 best horror movies to watch on Netflix

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19. Before I Wake

Before I Wake on Netflix begins innocently enough. There’s nothing sweeter than a kind couple taking in a child in need of a happy home. After the death of their son and still mourning his loss, Mark and Jessie decide to become foster parents. But there’s something strange about their new foster son, his dreams are…complicated. What Cody sees in his dreams becomes a reality. This is a beautiful thing when he’s having a peaceful sleep, but nightmares like to haunt him, and these nightmares are not something anyone would like to experience.

18. The Conjuring

Horror fans are very grateful for the Conjuring universe. It has launched many movies and spin-offs of the genre. Some haven’t been the best, admittedly, but there’s no denying that the few hit are amazing, and The Conjuring is one of the best.

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First released on April 201, The Conjuring kicked off several movies (many which are still in production, set to premiere soon) and is the perfect introduction to the movies that have, and continue to, change the genre. Not to mention, we get to meet the famous Ed and Lorraine Warren. If you’re new to this movie franchise, there’s no better place to start than where it all began! A few Conjuring Universe chapters area also streaming on Netflix.