Manifest Season 2 trailer questions

MANIFEST -- Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
MANIFEST -- Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/Warner Brothers -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

The first trailer for Season 2 of the mystery drama Manifest provided a foreboding into the challenges that await the passengers of Flight 828.

The NBC drama Manifest premiered last Fall and received stellar reviews. The eerie and cryptic sitcom detailed the lives of passengers on Flight 828 from Montego Bay, Jamaica to New York who were stuck in some sort of time-lapse that kept them on that flight for five and a half years.

After the plane made its landing, the alive and not-aged passengers slowly learned to navigate their life once again in the real world, but with strange connections and flashbacks to that mysterious flight. For the main characters/passengers Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), her brother Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), and his son Cal Stone (Jack Messina), life was not easy to adjust to.

The first season focused on trying to figure out the phenomena or realistic chance that a flight could land after five years. The passengers harnessed some sort of special abilities that even had Michaela predicting the future. Granted none of the passengers were safe from media and controversy, the riveting second season will certainly try to decode more of what went down on the puzzling flight.

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Season 1 ended with Zeke (Matt Long), a hiker who was revived into another life, and Jared (J.R. Ramirez), Michaela’s detective partner and love interest, in a tussle with a gun which led to a loud bang.

Season 2 is still a few months away from premiering, but the New York Comic Con trailer recently dropped and provided a brief glimpse of what the upcoming season entails.

*Note the Season 2 glimpse starts at 1:35*

Here are some questions after the detailed trailer:

What does Michaela’s flashback mean?

Cal’s remarkable supernatural abilities were on full display throughout the first season. His tendencies to predict future events and know certain, exact details was mind-boggling. Naturally, his call to Michaela to go save the passengers must have a deeper underlying meaning. Her flashbacks have always had a meaning as well, but how many passengers could she possibly save? And is there a concrete force that she must save them from? This was an eerie portion of the trailer that showed the passengers on the plane once again.

This season may focus on the backgrounds of different passengers again, or possibly the main characters encountering more of them.

Will the Major take advantage of Saanvi’s information?

The Major (Elizabeth Marvel) is the leader of a government operation seemingly targeting the passengers of the flight, and the true intentions of the Major are certainly not helpful to them. It was certainly not comforting to see passenger/medical worker Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) about to indulge some potentially sitcom altering info to this ultra-powerful person.

Does the girl who was found have any connection to the flight?

Apparently, a passenger may have murdered a girl, but that passenger did not make an appearance in the first season. Again, this may build on the idea that Michaela and Ben interact with other passengers of the flight in hopes of accumulating more information. Now, this supposed suspect looked like a teen, but was the girl he apparently killed an important piece of the puzzle in solving the flight mystery? Maybe learning the identity of the girl and how she fits into the situation may be a key focus for the main characters.

Who’s after Ben?

Getting heckled by the government, media, and random passersby was something all too common for the passengers of Flight 828. But somebody seemed to be bothering Ben, and it resulted in him being potentially kidnapped. The scope of suspects is too large in this case. In fact, Ben may have been bothered by someone not yet introduced in the show. This moment and the overall trailer shows that Ben and Michaela are just beginning to get in the thick of things when it comes to the mysterious trail left behind from Flight 828.

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What are you most curious about for the second season? Comment below.

Manifest flies back onto NBC in Spring 2020.