Will & Grace recap: The 5 best burns in Season 11, Episode 2

WILL & GRACE -- "Papa Mia" Episode 302 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland, Eric McCormack as Will Truman -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
WILL & GRACE -- "Papa Mia" Episode 302 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland, Eric McCormack as Will Truman -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC) /

Karen gives Will & Grace the Mamma Mia! treatment to find the father of Grace’s baby, while Will worries about something scarier than Halloween: raising a straight son.

Even though Will & Grace skips Halloween this year, the gang’s still sorting through their own unique horror story, and that’s the prospect of parenthood. Grace’s certainty that Marcus is the father of her baby becomes rocked by a shocking revelation, sending Karen into Mamma Mia! mode. All of the potential baby daddies arrive from Europe for an impromptu paternity test.

Meanwhile, Will’s excitement for becoming a father ends up deflated by Jack’s reality check. The only thing scarier than raising a straight son? Raising a straight son who wants to play sports. Will and Jack channel their inner jocks, and it lands them in the hospital for another reality check. Let’s recap the latest episode of Will & Grace with the gang’s five sharpest burns. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

1. “If you see the waitress, can you tell her I never got my toast?”

Will and Jack have breakfast at Will’s apartment, but Jack wonders where the waitress went with his toast. As a former cafe owner, he should know something about lackluster service. After apparently having the conversation about Will and McCoy having a baby off camera, Will expresses his excitement about raising a child. But Jack bursts his bubble twice with two questions that hadn’t crossed Will’s mind: What if it’s a boy? And what if he’s straight?

2. “Well, I just figured since you share towels…”

Again, Grace appears to have told Karen that she’s pregnant off camera, even though last week, Karen was vehement that no one in their group should be a parent. (The reveal would have made for an entertaining episode, but let’s trust there’s much more story to tell in this final final season.) Naturally, given their history, Karen assumes Will is the father. Grace quickly shoots that notion down and has invited Marcus (guest star Reid Scott) to the office to give him the news that he’s going to be a father. But Marcus informs Grace that he’d had a vasectomy. Uh oh…

Will & Grace final season
WILL & GRACE — “Papa Mia” Episode 302 — Pictured: (l-r) Charles Berthoud as Paolo, Dylan Riley Snyder as DJ, Paul Ben-Victor as Mario, Debra Messing as Grace Adler, Reid Scott as Marcus — (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC) /

3. “Who’s the dude who hit snooze on your biological clock?”

Karen rounds up all the men Grace slept with during her trip to Europe by the magic of television. She throws on a white coat and performs DNA testing on the three very different men herself. The makeshift Mamma Mia! turns awkward when one man doesn’t remember Grace, one man comes out as gay, and the other says he’s a senior… in college. Just after Karen swabs their cheeks, Marcus returns and confesses that he lied about the vasectomy, thickening the paternity plot.

4. “I believe their feedback was, ‘You are not a student at this school.'”

Since Jack honed his basketball skills while auditioning for a local production of High School Musical, his convenient aptitude for the sport comes in handy when Will seeks to learn about sports in the event he has a straight son. They role play as father and son to prepare Will, which leads to Jack breaking his finger. While at the hospital, Will tends to Jack’s every need and allows him to feel his emotions. And by striving to honor his child’s interests, he’s already a great father.

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5. “Was that a proposal or a suicide note?”

Marcus apologizes to Grace and claims he wants to do the right thing… but through his shock and instinct to shake responsibility, his professions of wanting to be there for Grace sound more desperate than sincere. Later, while talking with Will, Grace decides that biology doesn’t matter. Someone she loves will help her raise the child, or she’ll be enough on her own for her child. Will commends her strength and conviction and shoots the DNA tests into the trash like a basketball. On the plus side, Grace snags an invitation to the youngest maybe-daddy’s fraternity formal.

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