The 3 most shocking moments in Big Brother Canada history

BIG BROTHER SEASON 21 Logo. Photo: CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
BIG BROTHER SEASON 21 Logo. Photo: CBS ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Yesterday, we talked about the most shocking moments in Big Brother USA history. Over the years, Big Brother Canada has seen plenty of shocking moments as well. So, we decided to take a look at the most shocking moments in Big Brother Canada history.

Big Brother Canada has been on the air for 7 seasons. While they haven’t had as many seasons as the USA version, they have had their share of shocking moments. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the 3 most shocking moments of all-time.

No. 3: Topaz Brady miscasts her vote on finale night, giving Jillian McLaughlin the win over Gary Levy

Yes, you read that right. That actually happened. To this day, I still don’t know how anyone could possibly screw a vote up like that. To set this stage for this, lets go back to how it started.

During their time in the house, Emerald “Topaz” Brady and Gary Levy had a very close relationship. On Day 38, Andrew Monaghan nominated Gary and Topaz for eviction. Then Andrew won the POV and kept nominations the same. The house voted to evict Gary 5-0, making him the 2nd member of the jury. Two weeks later, Topaz was evicted 3-0, making her the 4th member of the jury.

In week 8, Canada voted to send someone back into the game. Gary won the right to re-enter the house, gaining 39.18% of the vote. Gary then made it all the way to the final 2. After winning HOH at final 3, Gary chose to evict Emmett Blois, seeing him as the biggest threat. Facing off against Jillian McLaughlin in the final 2, it seemed like a lock that Gary would win. Especially considering his relationships with members of the jury.

One by one the jurors voted. The vote was tied 2-2. Then, host Arisa Cox announced that Topaz had voted for Jillian to win. A confused Topaz protested that her vote had been changed. Producers reviewed the footage and showed it to the audience. The footage revealed that Topaz had indeed voted for Jillian. In the end, Jillian won Big Brother Canada 1 4-3 thanks to Topaz’s blunder.

No. 2: Ika wins $5,000 and shreds letters from home

In week 4, Rachelle Diamond won Head of Household and chose to nominate Allison White and Heather Decksheimer for eviction. The majority alliance wanted to backdoor Ika Wong that week. When Allison won the Power of Veto, she naturally chose to use it on herself. As a result, Rachelle nominated Ika in Allison’s place.

On Day 27, houseguests were given a puzzle to solve. Ika solved it first and was given a choice between a $5,000 check and shredding letters from home or giving everyone letters from home and shredding the check. While Ika made her decision, houseguests were watching in the living room.

At first it looked like Ika was going to keep the letters and shred the check. However, she changed her mind at the last minute. Ika felt that even if she took the letters from home, it wouldn’t help her cause. She also didn’t like anyone in the house except Adel Elseri. So, Ika chose to shred the letters and take the $5,000.

Her housemates watched in horror as Ika shredded the letters and cursed them out, telling them how much she hated them. When Ika returned to the house, she was confronted an angry mob of her fellow houseguests who cursed her out and flipped her off for what she did. Adel was the only one felt any sympathy for Ika. Ika was evicted in an 8-1 vote. Adel was the only who voted to save Ika.

No. 1: Jon Pardy evicts Neda Kalantar

Neda Kalantar was the dominant strategic force of Big Brother Canada 2 and was in a showmance with Jon Pardy. The two had been loyal throughout the entire game. Jon had even evicted his ally Arlie Shaban for Neda.

When Jon Pardy won the final HOH Competition, nobody could’ve predicted what was going to happen next. Since Jon won the final HOH, Neda was nominated by default alongside Sabrina Abbate. Jon knew he couldn’t beat Neda but knew he could beat Sabrina easily. With this in mind, Jon chose to evict his long-time ally/showmance, Neda.

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