Why Celebrity Big Brother should return for a 3rd season


When CBS released their midseason schedule, Celebrity Big Brother was not listed on the schedule. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the reasons it should come back for a 3rd season.

When CBS released their midseason schedule, Celebrity Big Brother was missing from the schedule. So naturally, fans looking for a winter time Big Brother fix are going to be disappointed by this news. However, we believe the series should be renewed for a 3rd season.

For one thing, the show has been far better than the summer series in most years. The celebrities have mostly been enthusiastic about playing the game. The exceptions to this are Metta World Peace and Keshia Knight Pulliam. They also haven’t really brought any controversy to the game either like the summer series has. Big Brother 21 had a huge problem with racism. In the celebrity version, you didn’t have that. In fact, two African-Americans (Ricky Williams and Tamar Braxton), made it to the final 2. Tamar also made history by becoming the first African-American female winner in Big Brother history.

Additionally, houseguests have played the game harder in the summer series for the most part. You’ve had some pretty good side vs. side seasons the first two seasons of Celebrity Big Brother. Before season 20, the last time you had that on the summer series was Season 14. Given the seasons are only about 30 days, the season gets kicked into overdrive right from the start. You saw players like Jonathan Bennett completely overplay their hand because of this.

Furthermore, Big Brother fans crave more Big Brother. Once the show ends in September, it is a long wait until June for the next season unless you watch the Canadian version of the show. The winter is a long black hole of no information about the summer series. I equate this to waiting in line for about 4 hours just to get on your favorite ride at Disney World. Nobody wants to do that. They just want to get on the ride. So please CBS, bring back Celebrity Big Brother for another season!

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