15 good Disney Plus movies to watch on Thanksgiving weekend

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Tangled (2010)

If I had to choose my top Disney princess movies then Tangled would certainty make the cut, it didn’t receive as much attention as Frozen but that’s ok because if you watch the movie you will see how it’s a fantastic masterpiece. Mandy Moore’s Rapunzel was a great representation of the character and the music in the movie complimented it perfectly. Tangled follows the story of Rapunzel who is locked up in a tower by her over protective mother, and is finally able to escape with the help of thief, Flynn Rider.

Miracle (2004)

It is always awesome to have a feel good movie on over Thanksgiving weekend to keep spirits high, Miracle will be enjoyable for the adults and the kids allowing everyone to enjoy family time. It is based on the true story of Herb Brooks, the coach who led the USA hockey team to victory in the 1980 Olympics when against the apparent invincible Russian team.

Mulan, Disney
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Mulan (1998)

If you haven’t watched Mulan yet then now is your chance before the 2020 live-action remake, which will be released in March. Mulan could be argued as one of the most progressive movies of the 90’s era, it’s empowering tale is an inspiration for young children wanting to be a Mulan rather than a traditional princess. Mulan’s bravery is demonstrated when she disguises herself as a man in order to join the army in place of her father who is weak. The war against the invading Huns could be fatal for her father so she takes the ultimate risk.

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Back in April the conclusion to the Infinity Saga finally happened, and for a lot of people what they was waiting for, for a very long time. If some of the family haven’t seen this movie yet it could be an excellent time to put it on and watch together as watching Marvel movies with family can always be fun. Even if you have watched it already it’s useful to re-watch because there was so much detail, especially for Marvel fans due to the large amount of Easter eggs from previous franchise movies. The Avengers need to reunite to save the world from intergalactic warlord Thanos who has disintegrated half of the universe.

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WALL-E  (2008)

As future generations grow I hope WALL-E  finds a place as one of the greatest Disney/Pixar collaborations. Back in 2008 we got to meet the little robot WALL-E but was this movie released way before it’s time? The environmental state of our planet hasn’t reached the same issues as in WALL-E but with more concerns about climate change and global warming growing more and more it is safe to say this movie could influence the younger generations, and it also deserves more praise than it got. The entire movie is thought-provoking and moving, if you haven’t watched this masterpiece yet then WALL-E will find a place in your heart.

To watch all these great movies that are listed you will need a subscription with Disney Plus, you can take the monthly route for $6.99 per month or you can pay annually which is $69.99. The annual route will save you a little bit of money if you decide to do that.

If you want to also subscribe to ESPN+ and Hulu then you can purchase a bundle package, this is just $12.99. 

If you are unsure if Disney Plus is for you then you can take a 7-day free trial, allowing you to decide which package you would like. There is so much content you wont be disappointed!

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