25 Days of Dean-mas Day 20: Quick New Year’s Resolutions Dean should probably make

It’s the time of year when we make New Year’s Resolutions. Here are five that Dean Winchester should probably make on Supernatural for 2020.

It’s that time of year, when people look at things they want to change in their lives. New Year’s Resolutions are popular ways to grow and be happier. There are a few that we can think Supernatural‘s Dean Winchester should make for 2020.

We’re having a little fun with Day 20 of the 25 Days of Dean-mas. We love Dean dearly, but there are times that we can’t help but scream at the character. Here are five quick New Year’s Resolutions Dean might want to consider.

5. Stop taking things so personally

There are times that he takes situations personally. He views that someone’s actions were a slight against him. One of those times was recently with Castiel, viewing Cass’ actions to keep Jack’s soullessness a secret as a betrayal.

Okay, there are other factors, but Dean needs to stop taking things so personally. He also needs to remember that he’s done worse!

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4. Find a new way to handle grief

As much as I love that the show has kept Dean’s way of handling grief the same, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to change. This year could be the year that he handles grief differently. That he doesn’t lash out at other people.


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3. Allow others to take the weight sometimes

Supernatural has always given us a story of two brothers trying to protect the entire world. They put that weight of the world on their shoulders, and it’s often far too much to bear. It’s time for Dean to allow others to take some of the weight.

He’s getting better at calling in help when he needs to. It would be good to see him do it more often.

2. Don’t leave either of his brothers behind!

There are slim chances he’ll leave Sam behind, but Adam is now back. After everything that’s happened, Dean needs to make sure he doesn’t leave Adam behind again.

1. Open up to someone

Dean struggles to open up to people. When he does, it’s usually Sam and in a situation where he doesn’t have to look at Sam in the eyes. More often than not, Dean is embarrassed about having to open up.

It’s time for him to get over those thoughts. He matters. His mental health matters. He needs to open up before things get too bad.

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What New Year’s Resolutions does Dean need to make? What would you like to see in the 2020 episodes of Supernatural? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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