Private Practice is back on Netflix


Grey’s Anatomy’s spin-off series centered around Dr. Addison Montgomery is back on Netflix. Stream all six seasons of Private Practice now!

Many Grey’s Anatomy fans know of the show’s current spin-off series in Station 19, which is returning for its third season next month. What some of the newer viewers may not know is that Station 19 isn’t actually the first Grey’s spin-off. That honor goes to Private Practice, which premiered on ABC in Sept. 2007. Following her official exit from Grey’s after Season 3, Kate Walsh continued her role as Addison Forbes Montgomery-Shepherd at Oceanside Wellness in Los Angeles.

After spending two years working with her ex-husband at what was then-known as Seattle Grace Hospital, Montgomery sought after a fresh start in a new city and new work environment, but this time with two divorced friends in Sam and Naomi Bennett. Her transition is met with some resistance from her coworkers who specialize in areas such as fertility, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry and alternative medicine. The clash of personalities and practices is a highlight of the show all throughout its six seasons.

Much like Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19‘s cross-overs, the doctors of Oceanside Wellness team up with Seattle’s finest periodically. If you’re checking out Private Practice for the first time, you’ll recognize familiar faces such as Miranda Bailey, Derek Shepherd and Mark Sloan, just to name a few.

Private Practice is also home to the “origin story” of Amelia Shepherd, who has been a series regular on Grey’s for a number of years now. If you’re an Amelia fan, then Private Practice is essential viewing to understand her backstory. Starting with her recurring role during Season 3, you’ll get an in-depth look at her drug addiction and first pregnancy, both of which have become prominent topics during her tenure at Grey Sloan.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so instead of having me explain the fifty reasons why you should watch Private Practice, go ahead and check it out for yourself! Much like the beloved Grey’s Anatomy, his Shondaland classic tackles many important issues with an outstanding cast that you’ll grow to love through all 111 episodes.

Check out this spoiler-free, behind-the-scenes clip of Kate Walsh having fun on set:

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Will you be watching Private Practice for the first time during the holidays? If you’re prepping to watch the show again, who’s your favorite character? Sound off below!

Private Practice is now streaming on Netflix and Hulu.