5 shows to watch on Acorn TV in January 2020 (plus everything arriving)

Murdoch Mysteries -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Murdoch Mysteries -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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Murdoch Mysteries — Courtesy of Acorn TV
Murdoch Mysteries — Courtesy of Acorn TV /

It’s a new year and a new decade, but Acorn TV has you covered with great shows from Britain, Australia, and more. Here are five shows to watch in January.

If you’re looking for something new to watch in the new year, look no further than Acorn TV. Whether it’s something from Britain, Australia, or even Canada, the streamer has you covered.

We know that things can bet a little overwhelming when it comes to streamer releases. That’s why I pick out five great offerings, as well as list everything arriving on the streaming service. Many of these releases have a weekly release schedule, so you can get involved in the workplace watercooler chat while watching through a modern streaming service.

Whether you want murder mysteries or something lighter and more comedic, Acorn TV has something for you. Here are five great options, as well as everything arriving in January 2020.

5. Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal

You’ve seen Good Omens and A Series of Unfortunate Events. Now it’s time for another adaptation of a Terry Pratchett novel. Going Postal is about Moist von Lipwig, a conman who is caught by the law and given one of two choices. He can either suffer a painful death or he has to take over a derelict post office.

Naturally, he chooses life, even if it means being bored or suffering from those who struggle to follow orders. David Suchet, Charles Dance, and Claire Goy all star in this eight-episode series. All episodes will be available at the same time for you to binge-watch.

Star streaming Going Postal on Jan. 6.