Supernatural Season 7, Episode 18 recap: Drunk on a case

The Winchesters and Garth team up in Supernatural Season 7, Episode 18, and it means getting drunk on a case. Here’s a look at what happened.

After leaving Castiel in the psychiatric hospital in the previous episode, the Winchesters head off on a new case. This time, they team up with Garth. Here’s a reminder of everything that happened in Supernatural Season 7, Episode 18.

Titled “Party On, Garth,” you just knew that it had to be a fun ride. So why do they end up getting drunk on the case?

Pulled into the case

It all starts with Trevor McAnn, a teenager killed in the woods in Kansas. Garth heads out to investigate, where he learns of rumors of a ghost that haunts the woods. He deals with the bones of the suspected ghost.

However, the situation isn’t fixed. Trevor’s brother, Ray, is found dead at Widow’s Peak. Garth knows there’s only two people he can rely on: the Winchester brothers.

Despite Sam’s guilt over Castiel taking on his “crazy,” the Winchesters head out on the case. Garth shares that he got no EMF readings, suggesting a monster. However, Dean gets the EMF readings, and witnesses say that Trevor had been killed by something invisible. It also turns out the brothers were the sons of a local microbrewery owner.

“Party On, Garth” – (l-r): Andrew Francis as Lee, Jared Padalecki as Sam in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
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Figuring out the monster

The microbrewery is a family-run business, but there was a third partner who killed himself a few months earlier. Now his widow is suing the company, and the brewery is selling the Thighslapper Ale to a large distributor.

After getting a few clues, we see Lillian McAnn and her daughter, Tess. The daughter accidentally gets drunk on a drink and sees a spirit moving around the house. Jim McAnn, the microbrewery owner, can’t see anything, but the spirit kills Lillian.

Garth manages to get Tess to talk to them with the help of his puppet, Mr. Fizzles. She admits to drinking a “grownup drink” accidentally, and she saw the monster that killed her mom.

Dean and Garth realize that only those who are drunk can see the ghost. Garth also sees Dean’s flask and asks about it. As Dean admits that it was Bobby’s, Garth suggests that Bobby’s spirit is around and that’s why Garth’s EMF reader is acting up. Even though Bobby got a hunter’s burial, Garth reminds Dean that some spirits survive.

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Who is the spirit?

While Dean and Garth discuss Bobby, Sam searches for who the ghost could be. He’s sure that it could be Dale, who Sam believes was pushed out of the company before his death. However, Dale forgave Jim and Randy for selling the company, gifting them a bottle of Japanese sake, which Dale’s wife wasn’t allowed to touch.

Sure enough, the Winchesters find a box with Japanese writing in Jim’s office, and inside is an unsealed bottle of sake. They use the security camera to find out that Trevor had taken a drink of sake and then nothing else. The Winchesters have to be drunk to see the monster appear.

The brothers pay a Japanese waiter to translate the box, which says “what you took will be taken from you.” The brothers learn that the monster is a Shojo, a Japanese alcohol spirit. Dale created a box and used the shojo to kill his former business partners, their children, and their godchildren. To kill a shojo, they need a samurai sword blessed by a Shinto priest.

Dean heads off looking for one, while Sam watches Marie, the only one of Jim’s children still alive. Garth also learns that the janitor is a secret child of Randy.

“Party On, Garth” – Angela Uyeda as Shojo in SUPERNATURAL on The CW.
Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Destroying the creature

Garth heads to the brewery to help Lee the janitor, while Dean gets a sword and encourages someone from the Japanese restaurant to bless it. Dean heads to the brewery, calling Sam on the way to head there too.

Garth and Sam are drunk enough to see the monster, but Dean is too sober. Sam has to tell Dean where to swing and stab to kill the creature.

With the case over, Dean admits that weird things have been happening around the flask. Sam is sure that Bobby isn’t around. However, we get to see Bobby’s spirit watching the brothers. He’s still around.

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What did you think of the need to be drunk to see the spirit? What did you think of the reveal about Bobby? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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