10 biggest TV plot twists in 2019 we’re still not over

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Watchmen — photo: Mark Hill/HBO
Watchmen — photo: Mark Hill/HBO /

6. The Voice: Adam Levine quits

Okay, so not a fictional plot twist, but still something major. We never thought we’d see the day that Adam Levine would quit The Voice, but it happened just in time for the new season. There was a race to get a new judge in the seat, and Gwen Stefani took that place.

This isn’t a “plot twist” that has worked out all that well. The show has come a bit of the Gwen and Blake show instead of focused on the talent and the competition. But the show has had to work with what it has considered Levine’s exit was a shocker.

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5. Watchmen: Cal Abar is Doctor Manhatten

Watchmen certainly took us on a wild ride. There were plenty of excellent TV plot twists throughout, but the biggest has to be finding out that Cal Abar is Doctor Manhatten. The plot twist delivered some answers to earlier questions, but it also brought us more questions for the series to answer.

Fortunately, we got those answers. We saw how Doctor Manhatten and Sister Night met. We got to see them fall in love (well, at least, got the story of what happened) and how Doctor Manhatten became Cal.

Then, of course, came the plot twist at the very end. So, can Sister Night walk on water?