Ranking The WB’s 25 best legacy-making shows

GILMORE GIRLS - Credit: Robert Voets/Netflix
GILMORE GIRLS - Credit: Robert Voets/Netflix /
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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life/Acquired from Netflix Media Center.
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life/Acquired from Netflix Media Center. /

The WB network’s 25 greatest shows

On Jan. 11, 1995, a brand-new underdog network called The WB hit the airwaves and changed the face of television forever. Well, maybe not forever, since the network merged with UPN in 2006 to form The CW. But in its two decades on the air, the frog network delivered an enviable slate of programming that we still haven’t stopped talking about and obsessing over 25 years later.

Between worldwide hit series like Gilmore Girls and short-lived cult classics like Popular, The WB offered some of the greatest and most underrated shows on the air. While nowhere near the highest-rated broadcaster on the small screen, the network found its own programming niche and became the voice of a generation with series that spoke to relatable experiences like Dawson’s Creek or created horrific metaphors for our worst nightmares like Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In celebration of The WB’s long-standing success all these years later, we’re mining the archives to rank the network’s 25 best shows. The ones that lasted for over 100 episodes, the ones that hardly made it past one season, and the ones that lay the foundation for the legacy of a nostalgic and zeitgeist-defining teen entertainment hub. From One Tree Hill to Charmed, these shows tell the story of a beloved (but defunct) network.

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