Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes to watch in lieu of the Super Bowl

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /
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4. “Synchronized Swimming”

Let’s throw it back to an early episode and that’s Season 2’s “Synchronized Swimming.” Of all the seasons, it seems like Season 2 is the most underrated. It might have something to do with the season only having nine episodes. Either way, Season 2 does have an episode that focuses on sports and that’s “Synchronized Swimming.”

The episode follows Linda as she realizes that the kids are taking advantage of her including having her do their homework.  Things escalate from there as the kids hatch a plan to do an independent study to get out of gym class, forging Linda’s name on the permission slip.

After the kids successfully trick everyone,  Linda runs into Mr. Frond who shares how excited he is about her being their coach. Upon hearing that, Linda agrees to coach them before giving up as the kids don’t listen. Eventually, she saves the day, resulting in the kids passing and not having to go to summer school.

“Synchronized Swimming” is arguably the second sporty episode the show ever produced. While “Torpedo” focuses on baseball, the kids didn’t actually play. The episode does focus pretty heavily on Linda but still manages to make the episodes about sports, too. This episode seems to be forgotten but it’s one of the few earlier episodes that emulates the same energy as the later seasons.