Bob’s Burgers: Battle of Louise’s adventures including Season 10

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Season 3’s “Carpe Museum” vs Season 4’s “The Kids Run Away

This first faceoff is between Season 3’s “Carpe Museum” and Season 4’s “The Kids Run Away,” both solid Louise episodes. “Carpe Museum” is one of Louise’s first adventures and features Bob as a chaperone for her field trip. He is convinced by her to have some fun and they deviate from plans. While it seems like fun at first, they drag Regular-Sized Rudy along who almost dies but not before they make it out in time. It’s a pretty fun albeit risky adventure for Louise as she doesn’t think about the consequences which end up being her downfall.

As for “The Kids Run Away,” Louise goes off on an adventure alone to her Aunt Gayle’s to avoid getting a filling and even convinces Gayle that she’s supposed to be there. Linda catches on and sends Tina and Gene to get her out. Eventually, she comes around with the help of Gayle to face her fears and get a filling.

The episode ends with another adventure which is basically a game the family comes up with to get Louise’s filling done without making it seem like a normal doctor’s appointment.

And the Winner Is…”The Kids Run Away.” For me, the winner is “The Kids Run Away” as this episode has two adventures in it. Not only does Louise go on her own adventures but she drags the rest of the family with her the second time. What makes this episode so great though is the moments between Gayle and Louise, an unlikely pair but the story somehow wouldn’t be the same without them.