Bob’s Burgers: Battle of Louise’s adventures including Season 10

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Season 8’s “The Bleakening” vs Season 10’s “Three Girls and a Little Wharfy”

This last matchup is between Season 8’s “The Bleakening” and this week’s episode, Season 10’s “Three Girls and a Little Wharfy.” Starting off with “The Bleakening,” this served as the show’s two-part Christmas episode. It follows the kids as they go hunting for the Bleaken, a monster who steals Christmas presents from bad kids. Of course, Louise is the mastermind behind the plan. Despite things not working out as they hoped, the kids are still able to go on an adventure that wouldn’t be possible without Louise.

As for “Three Girls and a Little Wharfy,” the episode follows Louise as she’s paired up with Jessica and Megan to help with the spirit week preparations. The two are discussing feeding Wharfy and upon hearing Louise’s disbelief, invite her along. While there, they all witness Wharfy feeding on some fried dough and decide to investigate further which leads them to April, an obsessed fan.

The four of them decide to try to catch Wharfy, resulting in Louise having mixed feelings on whether she believes or not. After setting a trap to catch Wharfy, it turns out that it wasn’t Wharfy. Despite them not finding Wharfy, they decide to do it again.

And The Winner Is…”Three Girls and a Little Wharfy.” This last matchup was tough as both episodes had different types of adventure. However, “Three Girls and a Little Wharfy” edged out “The Bleakening” because the episode focused more on Louise’s adventure. While things didn’t work out as hoped, it does leave the door open for future episodes about Wharfy. It also showed a more naive/hopeful version of Louise so it made for a more intriguing adventure.

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