Bob’s Burgers: 6 memorable episodes set at Wagstaff School

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BOB’S BURGERS: Tina competes against Gene and Louise to write a new school song for Wagstaff, but finds herself creatively stalled in the “Wag the Song” episode of BOBÕS BURGERS airing Sunday, March 1 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. BOBÕS BURGERS © 2020 by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Surprisingly, a lot of good Bob’s Burgers episodes take place at Wagstaff. With Season 10’s Wag the Song among them, let’s look at five other good ones.

For the most part, Bob’s Burgers takes place during the school year. It’s rare that we see the Belchers having any summer fun. As far as the kids go, most of their time is either spent at the restaurant or Wagstaff School. Surprisingly, all of the grades seem to be grouped together with Tina going to the same school as her younger siblings. That decision makes it all the better for when they get into shenanigans.

While there are a few episodes that look like they’re set in summer, a majority of the series takes place when school is in session. With such a huge chunk of the series set during that time, it’s no surprise that a lot of episodes take place at Wagstaff School. Going back as early as Season 1, we saw our first look at Wagstaff and what it can be like for the Belcher kids. During the show’s 10-season run though, the school has become a more concrete setting for episodes.

The Belchers kids might not be the smartest, but they almost always have fun in school. While it isn’t realistic, it makes for some fun episodes. In honor of this week’s new episode, “Wag the Song,” it’s only right to look back at five other memorable episodes that are set at Wagstaff or feature Wagstaff as a major plot point. Of course, there will be spoilers for “Wag the Song” if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

School might not be the show’s top priority but they know how to create an episode featuring it so that’s worth something. There are obviously more than five but these are 5 episodes that stand out to me along with “Wag the Song.” Let’s look at some of Wagstaff’s best and hopefully, learn something along the way. It’s doubtful but we just might!

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