Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 2 Recap: A Shocking Turn of Events

Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguest Nico Vera.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV
Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguest Nico Vera.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV /

An all-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 2. In this episode, a stunning turn of events saw one houseguest self-evict before the first eviction.

An all-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 2. In the previous episode, 16 brand-new houseguests moved into the Big Brother Canada 8 house for the first time. They were immediately hit with a bombshell twist that there would be no HOH this week. Instead, the viewers had been voting on their favorites and the four with the fewest votes would be in jeopardy of being the first one evicted.

It was revealed that Chris Wyllie, Suzanne Fuda, Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao, and Nico Vera had received the fewest votes. They would be given three opportunities to save themselves: through a physical competition (which took place in this episode), a mental competition, and through their social skills. Minh-Ly shocked everyone by winning the physical competition, earning her safety for the week.

In tonight’s episode, the second safety competition took place. We also saw the first bit of strategizing of the season. Also, in a stunning turn of events one houseguest self-evicted before the first eviction could take place.

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 2 begins

After the recap, host Arisa Cox came on stage to give viewers a rundown of what happened in the previous episode. She also teased that we would see something that had never happened before in 8 seasons of Big Brother Canada.

First Safety Competition Fallout and Initial Strategizing

Suzanne wanted to play it cool and looked unaffected. However, she also knew that she would have to play it harder immediately because she was still in jeopardy. Nico was frustrated by having lost the first safety competition and how much adversity he was already facing. Chris felt off his game but he knew it was far from over for him and felt confident he’d stay because of his brain.

The four who received the fewest votes talked about the shock of the twist. They also discussed the behavior of the houseguests who were not voted into the bottom four.

Chris and Madeline Di Nunzio then had a conversation and hit it off immediately. Chris also revealed his secret that he does a lot of work with the brain. Then, we were treated to this awkward conversation between Minh-Ly and Jamar. I honestly couldn’t tell if they were flirting with each other or they were actually fighting, or it was just Minh-Ly stirring up trouble.

We then saw a conversation between Nico and Jamar Lee. This is where the downward spiral started for Nico. He talked about how he wasn’t feeling well to Jamar. He also talked about how tough it was but hoped it wasn’t the end of the road in the DR.

Second Safety Competition

Chris, Nico, and Suzanne competed in the second safety competition. This one was a mental challenge. Before the challenge, Chris had a meditation session to get himself into the zone. Nico also got himself fired up for the challenge and said he didn’t come there for nothing. Oops.

For this safety competition, the competitors were shown a line of Big Brother Canada action figures. They would then be asked a series of true or false questions about what they saw. Angie hosted the competition and Jamar assisted her. We got a world record 4 “you feel me’s” in 30 seconds.

The first action figure shown was “the floater” portrayed by John Luke Kieper. The second action figure was “the showmancers” portrayed by Michael Stubley and Madeline. The third action figure was “the bitter juror” portrayed by Vanessa Clements. The final action figure was “the comp beast” portrayed by Kyle Rozendal.

Chris won the competition 4-3-3, with Nico and Suzanne finishing tied for 2nd. This meant Chris was safe for the week. It also meant that Nico and Suzanne were the first nominees of the season.

Second Safety Competition Fallout and Pre-Eviction Scrambling

Suzanne was upset at being one of the two nominees. Jamar went to comfort her and promised her he would make sure she was okay.

Hira Deol asked the ladies for fashion advice. He also talked about what it meant to him to be in the Big Brother Canada house.

Then, Suzanne went to work to secure her safety for the week. She formed an alliance with Carol Rosher and Brooke Warnock. She also wanted to bring in Sheldon Jean, Kyle, and Vanessa. Sheldon indicated he would work with that group.

Minh-Ly and Kyle got into a fight over Minh-Ly’s attitude. This came after Minh-Ly asked for people to be quiet if someone was asleep in a room.

Rianne Swanson, John Luke, Madeline, and Michael formed an alliance of four. They named it “The Evictors” to go along with the superhero theme. They also discussed something they could do as a symbol of their alliance.

Nico and Minh-Ly then had a conversation about trying to save Nico. Nico already felt defeated and thought he was out the door. However, Minh-Ly felt that Suzanne was the bigger threat. In an attempt to stir things up and “make it interesting,” Minh-Ly went to Carol, Vanessa, Hira and Sheldon to make a pitch for Nico to stay.

Naturally, Carol and Vanessa went to tell Suzanne about Minh-Ly’s pitch to keep Nico. This news greatly upset Suzanne. It also put a huge target on Minh-Ly’s back.

A Shocking Turn of Events

Nico wasn’t feeling well. He knew he was going home so he had everything packed and he also hadn’t eaten lunch as he wasn’t hungry. Nico wasn’t looking forward to having to stay until the next day with the knowledge he was being evicted and saw no point to staying.  He had no fight left in him. Nico then went into the diary room and did the unthinkable: he self-evicted. Nico then left house for good, never to return.

Executive Producer Erin Brock then called the remaining 15 houseguests to the living room. She informed them of Nico’s decision to quit the game. The houseguests asked Erin to let Nico know they supported his decision and that they loved him. Erin also informed them that because Nico quit, the eviction vote was canceled.

As a Big Brother fan, it always bothers me when someone quits because thousands of other people would’ve loved to have that spot. I know if I ever achieve my goal of being on the American version, the last thing I would ever do is quit.

At the same time, I do have sympathy for Nico because the stresses of that house are insane, and I don’t know what he was going through. I’m sure being told Canada hated him right off the bat didn’t help things. At the end of the day, I just hope Nico is okay wherever he is.

First HOH Competition

The First HOH competition of the season was basketball themed. One at a time, players would grab a ball and jump on a trampoline. In the air, they would take their best shot at the wall of baskets. The goal was to get the highest point value.

When the episode concluded, Jamar and Minh-Ly were tied for the lead with 24 points each. The conclusion of this HOH Competition will play out on Sunday’s episode.

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Tune in Sunday at 8 pm eastern to see who wins the first HOH competition of Big Brother Canada 8 and find out who they nominate for eviction!