Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 6 Recap

Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV
Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV /

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 6.

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 6.

In Thursday’s episode of Big Brother Canada 8, Micheal Stubley and Brooke Warnock were nominated for eviction. Most of The Evictors (Micheal, John Luke Kieper, Rianne Swanson, and Madeline Di Nunzio) lashed out at HOH Chris Wyllie for his perceived betrayal. Micheal scrambled for his safety. John Luke, Angie Tackie, Micheal, and Hira Deol won a barbecue feast courtesy of Summer Fresh that gave Micheal and John Luke an opportunity to campaign on Micheal’s behalf.

Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao was able to convince Micheal to call out Kyle Rozendal on his game on the premise it would get him more votes. In the end, it was not enough to save Micheal. The 25-year-old military infantry man from Prince George, British Columbia became the first person from the Big Brother Canada 8 house evicted in a 9-3 vote. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Micheal to get his thoughts on his time in the game and his eviction.

In tonight’s episode, we saw fallout from Micheal’s eviction and the conclusion of the HOH competition. Then, we saw the contestants strategizing for the nominations and the typical Sunday Wendy’s plug. The last thing we saw during the episode is the nomination ceremony.

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 6 Begins

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 6 began with a recap of the events that got us to where we are now. After the recap, Episode 6 began where Episode 5 left off, after Micheal’s eviction.

Fallout from Micheal’s eviction and HOH Competition Conclusion

Chris was happy with himself for backdooring Micheal and that Kyle took the heat for being the puppet master. Kyle felt Micheal’s speech painted him as a huge target. The Evictors knew they were big targets and had to win the HOH competition.

For the new HOH Competition, on “go”, houseguests would slip n’ slide into the ball pit. Once in the ball pit, the houseguests had to search for yellow balls. They took the yellow balls one at a time and placed them in the tube of the houseguest of their choice (it could not be themselves). If you got 10 balls in your tube, you were eliminated. The last houseguest remaining would be HOH while the first four eliminated would be have-nots.

As outgoing HOH, Chris was ineligible to compete. Madeline was targeted heavily and became the first person eliminated. Kyle was also targeted heavily. Minh-Ly heavily targeted Angie since the house knew she didn’t get along with Angie. After Minh-Ly was eliminated by Jamar Lee, she got into a verbal argument with Angie. Madeline, Kyle, Vanessa, and Angie became the have-nots for the week. In the end, Sheldon Jean won HOH.

Post-HOH Competition

Madeline was upset over being targeted so heavily in the HOH competition and Jamar and Hira Deol tried to comfort her. Sheldon felt now was a great time to be HOH due to the numerous targets available that wouldn’t piss anyone off.

John Luke and Madeline knew they were targets after Micheal’s eviction. John Luke wanted to make new connections to help them stay off the block. Minh-Ly and Angie then got into an argument over Minh-Ly heavily targeting Angie like she did in the HOH competition. As the two went at it, Hira and Jamar listening in on the argument.

Brooke talked about her feelings for Sheldon but wanted to stay out of a showmance. In fact, Brooke vowed to Canada that she wouldn’t get into a showmance.

Then, Sheldon got his HOH room. His HOH room included pictures of his family, a letter from his brother, and a new pair of Skechers shoes.

Kyle broke down in the have-not room and wanted to see pictures and get a letter from wife and kids. He hated that he had to do bad things to people last week. While Kyle was having this meltdown, Hira was there to comfort him.

The KVBS alliance then met in Sheldon’s HOH room to talk strategy. They felt confident they were the only alliance and nobody suspected their alliance. They wanted to make sure they were spreading their wings more in the house socially. Their wanted to make sure they had someone working on Carol Rosher and Susanne Fuda in particular. They also felt Rianne was very dangerous and wanted to target her. The backup plan was either John Luke or Minh-Ly.

Rianne felt all alone and was upset that people were avoiding talking to her. Jamar tried to comfort her and make her feel better.

John Luke then went up to Sheldon and tried to work on his relationship with him. John Luke offered his loyalty to Sheldon and pitched a plan to evict Minh-Ly. He also promised Sheldon that he wouldn’t go on the block if he won HOH.

Jamar tried to convince Brooke that Kyle needed to go because he was the head of the snake. Brooke tried to convince him otherwise as she was working with Kyle. The argument that seemed to work with Jamar was keeping Kyle around as a shield for them to use. Naturally, Brooke reported her conversation to Sheldon since they were in an alliance together. She worried that Kyle might have a short fuse given he was a have-not for the second consecutive week.

Brooke was laying around in the Expedia Lounge when all of a sudden the departure board flipped on with the board saying a flight to Maui was now boarding. Brooke immediately when and told her fellow houseguests who then made their way to the lounge. A new room then opened up that looked was designed to look like a beach. Carol started moving stuff around the room to try and find some sort of hidden power.

Minh-Ly and Jamar continued their odd flirtations. Minh-Ly described it as a beefmance instead of a showmance. Her fellow housemates privately described it as a train wreck. Minh-Ly and Jamar ended up sharing some kisses in the process.

Rianne then tried to talk game with Sheldon. Sheldon told her he was considering nominating Rianne and her alliance because they don’t talk much game. He also told Rianne that Chris and Kyle were being considered due to the two being close and Chris talking about Sheldon as a potential nominee. Rianne let Sheldon know she had nothing to hide.

Sheldon ended up choosing Madeline to get Wendy’s with him because she had a rough two weeks in the house between Micheal leaving and being a have-not twice. In addition to the meal, Sheldon received a tablet with a video message from his mom. His mom likely wasn’t the Wendy’s server due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

After the meal, Madeline made her pitch to Sheldon. Madeline tried to pitch Kyle as a target because she felt Kyle told people a lot of things that didn’t happen. Sheldon told her he had already heard that pitch from John Luke (unless it happened on the Big Brother Canada live feeds, that’s a lie).  Sheldon also told her the easy thing to do would be to put up The Evictors because everyone hated them.

This sent Madeline into a full meltdown. She didn’t know why everyone hated her so much. Unlike the other meltdowns in this episode, nobody was there to comfort her.

Sheldon then talked with Minh-Ly. When Minh-Ly asked if she had anything to worry about, Sheldon jokingly told her she had a lot to worry about. Getting on a serious note, Sheldon did tell Minh-Ly she was an easy name for everyone to suggest and suggested not a lot of people would care if she got backdoored. Minh-Ly asked Sheldon what his plans were, and he didn’t tell her.

Nomination Ceremony

For his shortlist, Sheldon considered John Luke, Madeline, Rianne, and Minh-Ly as possible nominees. At the nomination ceremony, Sheldon nominated Madeline and Rianne for eviction.

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