What to watch on St. Patrick’s Day if you’re sick of the Leprechaun movies

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Photo Courtesy Breckenridge Brewery

Need a movie to watch this St. Patrick’s Day if you’re not into the Leprechauns? Here are five!

St. Patrick’s Day is March, hooray! Time to wear green, drink beer and eat corned beef sandwiches. Normally, St. Patrick’s Day is a day most of us would spend attending a local parade or hanging out with friends, drinking the night away. However, in the wake of the coronavirus, many are now under quarantine or taking safety precautions by not leaving the house. In that case, there’s only one thing to do…movie marathon.

I’ve always loved holiday-themed movies and television episodes, even though most of them are terrible. I love them anyway. Unfortunately, it’s the greedy Leprechaun from the never-ending Leprechaun movies that hogs most of Saint Patrick’s attention. There are eight of them!

I know there are people who love these movies, but I personally can’t stand them. Even if you do like them, they’re not the only films you can watch on St. Patrick’s Day. So if you’re staying in on March 17 (as you probably should) here are five films for you to watch other than The Leprechaun. Not saying they’re the best, just some alternatives.

5. Into The Dark: Crawlers

What’s greener than little green men? I haven’t had Hulu for that long, so I have no idea what the other Into the Dark stories are like, but Crawlers is their 18th episode and their contribution to St. Patrick’s Day, even though it’s just a setting. Nothing in the story relates to the holiday, but it’s full of festive decorations. Almost the entire film has the color green filling up the background, and the whole beginning is set in a bar.

Into the Dark: Crawlers is about a group of college kids that encounter shape-shifting aliens and a #MeToo issue during one wild St. Patrick’s Day evening. A group of unlikely companions including a misunderstood frat guy and an all-knowing conspiracy theorist who moonlights as a drug dealer, team up to save the town. Learning how to trust each other along the way.

This is actually a pretty bad movie. It’s silly and poor quality, and the characters are incredibly difficult to like. If anything, it’s proof of how irritating conspiracy theorists are. A straightforward “plucky teens save an unsuspecting town from an evil force” B movie that’d be good to watch if you’re just looking for easy entertainment. Crawlers is a Hulu original and can be streamed from the site.

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