Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 9 Recap

Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV
Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV /

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 9.

In the previous episode, Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox was working from home out of caution for her family amidst the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Pandemic. The houseguests were informed of the pandemic by executive producer Erin Brock. They received assurances their families were doing well in letters from home.

Jamar Lee was unhappy that Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao was named the replacement nominee. Minh-Ly went on the warpath to find out who was behind the rumors being started about her. She started by confronting Vanessa Clements and then calling a house meeting.

At the house meeting, Jamar’s actions allegedly were in breach of house rules and he was expelled from the game. It was then announced that production had also expelled Kyle Rozendal for an alleged pattern of problematic behavior. As a result of the expulsions, Sheldon Jean was made eligible to compete in this Head of Household competition. The episode concluded with the battle for Head of Household beginning.

Last night, a new power was introduced into the game. The battle for HOH continued. One houseguest wants to leave the game this week without having to self-evict. We also saw the typical Sunday Wendy’s plug and some strategizing.

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 9 Begins

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 9 began the same way most episodes do: with a recap of the events that led us to where we are now. After the recap, Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 9 began where Episode 8 left off, the HOH competition.

HOH Competition

For this HOH competition, players were in a sleeping bag and had to hold on to a bar for as long as they could. If they let go, they would slide into the pillows and would be eliminated from the competition. Sheldon repeated as HOH after Chris stepped down to let him win. During the course of the competition, Vanessa revealed that since Kyle’s expulsion, Chris Wyllie and Susanne Fuda were brought into her alliance with Brooke Warnock and Sheldon.


Sheldon had to name four have-nots for the week. He chose John Luke Kieper, Brooke, Susanne, and Rianne Swanson to be have-nots. Chris was unhappy about having to swallow his ego and give the HOH to Sheldon but knew it was best for his game long term. Minh-Ly was feeling insecure about her place in the game because she felt Sheldon wouldn’t go after a new target and Sheldon had nominated her last week. Sheldon then stated in private that he wanted out one of his three targets from last week.

Sheldon and Brooke began having regrets about winning that HOH competition instead of giving it to Chris. They knew Chris would have made basically the same moves they would have.

Carol Rosher then talked about how hard of a time she was having in the Big Brother Canada house. She struggled with being away from her family and tried to power through it. However, she was done with the game. So, Carol went to Sheldon and asked him to put her up and have her evicted that week (she wanted to leave without self-evicting). However, Chris and Sheldon still wanted to take out Minh-Ly and promised Carol they would take her out the following week. Carol agreed to stay another week if they guaranteed her eviction the following week.

Then, it was time for the reveal of Sheldon’s latest HOH room. He got pictures of his family, a new pair of Skechers shoes, and a letter from his mom.

It was then revealed that it was Hira Deol’s birthday. To celebrate the occasion, Big Brother Canada provided the houseguests with alcohol and candy. The houseguests celebrated and even the have-nots got to enjoy it.

Minh-Ly knew she was a target and she tried to make sure people actually voted for Carol like Carol wanted. Her first conversation was with John Luke. While John Luke wanted to vote Carol out per her wishes, he felt the rest of the house didn’t see it that way.

Minh-Ly then pitched evicting Carol to Sheldon after her conversation with John Luke. Sheldon told Minh-Ly that everyone would push for her to go up, but she was only a pawn (this wasn’t true). During the conversation, Sheldon called Minh-Ly as a cockroach because they couldn’t get rid of her.

Then it was time for the weekly Wendy’s plug. Sheldon decided to take Rianne to Wendy’s because he felt she was tough to read and wanted to keep her on his side. In addition to the food, Sheldon received a video message from his brother. The two talked game and Sheldon told her that Minh-Ly and Carol were likely his nominees. He was also frustrated that Carol wanted to leave.

Carol then talked to Brooke. She told Brooke that she couldn’t promise she wouldn’t self-evict. Brooke still wanted to get Minh-Ly out if they could but realized that it likely wasn’t going to happen. Brooke then informed Susanne and Vanessa about her conversation with Carol and told them they needed to evict Carol.

Susanne was upset with Carol’s decision to quit. She resented the fact that it was week 4 and they had only evicted one person and worried one of them would go home next week because of Carol’s decision.

Carol then held a house meeting. Carol told them she wanted out of the game during the meeting and what led her to the realization she needed to go home. Susanne was frustrated hearing this because she kept losing people she was close to. Sheldon sympathized with her on a human level but felt she was altering the game for those who wanted to be there and play it. He was also frustrated and felt another HOH went to waste.

Angie Tackie was frustrated with Carol. She felt that if Carol wanted to leave, she should just leave and let the other houseguests play the game.

In the HOH room, Sheldon a secret power appeared for him. It was the Wendy’s Power Up Necklace and it gave him a choice between one of two powers. He would have 24 hours to decide which one he wanted. His first choice was Chop a Vote, which allowed him to nullify the eviction vote of one houseguest at this week’s live eviction. His second choice was Spice Up the Veto Competition, which allowed him to participate in that week’s POV competition despite being HOH. Sheldon debated on which one he wanted and we were left with a cliffhanger as to his decision.

Nomination Ceremony

Carol, Minh-Ly, and Rianne made Sheldon’s shortlist for this week’s nominations. At the nomination ceremony, it was Carol and Minh-Ly who Sheldon chose to nominate for eviction.

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