Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 11 Recap: Season Finale

Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV
Big Brother Canada Season 8 houseguests.. Image Courtesy Corus/Global TV /

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 11. It was also the season finale.

A brand-new episode of Big Brother Canada 8 aired last night on Global TV. It was Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 11. It was also the season finale.

In the previous episode, host Arisa Cox announced to the viewers that Big Brother Canada 8 was ending early due to provincial measures taken amidst the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Susanne Fuda and John Luke Kieper were not handling being on slop well. Susanne was the worst of the two, as baby music was played when she was complaining about it.

Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao fought for her life in the game. We also found out she had an odd friendship with Sheldon Jean, similar to the one she had with Jamar Lee. Rianne Swanson also tried to get Angie Tackie on board to save Minh-Ly, seemingly to no avail.

Despite her desires to leave the game, Carol Rosher tried to win the POV so she could make sure she stayed on the block. However, it was Hira Deol who came away with the POV. John Luke won the fan vote for a meal from Skip the Dishes and to be taken off of slop. At the POV ceremony, Hira chose not to use the POV.

In this episode, we saw executive producer/showrunner Erin Brock announce the early end of Big Brother Canada 8 due to measures taken to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. We also saw the houseguests reflect on their time in the house and their departures from it.

Big Brother Canada 8 Episode 11 Begins

Instead of a recap like we normally see, Big Brother Canada told us what was happening on tonight’s show. Then, the show began.

Post Recap

The show began with a timecard that said 4:47 p.m. eastern March 23. Several conversations were taking place in the house including ones between Madeline Di Nunzio and Carol, Hira and Susanne Fuda, Vanessa Clements and Rianne, as well as Brooke Warnock and Sheldon Jean. Houseguests were then called to the living room. There, Erin gave houseguests the devastating news that due to measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Big Brother Canada 8 was coming to an early end.

Houseguests were in stunned silence. Erin then informed them their travel home had been arranged for them and to cherish one last night in the Big Brother Canada 8 house. While the news was devastating to everyone, it hit Brooke the hardest.

Vanessa revealed in private that she almost didn’t come to Big Brother Canada 8 because she was grieving over the loss of the captain she fished with, who had committed suicide 4 days prior to her departure. That evening (the timecard said 8:22 pm), houseguests spilled their secrets about alliances and their professions they had lied about over Chinese take-out.

The third timecard said 11:53 pm and showed Vanessa talking with Minh-Ly. Minh-Ly told Vanessa of all the stories she wanted to tell her outside the house but couldn’t say on tv. Brooke was still disappointed that the season had come to an early end. Sheldon and Brooke were still in disbelief it was over already. Then, the houseguests turned in to go to bed for the last time in the Big Brother Canada house. The fourth timecard said they had gone to bed at 1:47 am.

The fifth timecard said 7:27 am and the houseguest woke up for their final day in the house. The houseguests noted how there had only been one eviction and Brooke commented that she didn’t even get to vote having been on the block. The houseguests were allowed to go into the nomination room and were in awe of the busts of their heads.

Next, host Arisa Cox came on the screen to talk to the houseguests. Arisa congratulated the cast for making the season entertaining and thanked them for taking part in it. They were then shown a montage of the fun times they had in the house. Everyone got a big laugh out of Chris Wyllie not recognizing his mom at the Wendy’s window.

Arisa then announced that, since there was no winner of Big Brother Canada 8, the $100,000 prize would be donated to COVID-19 response fund. The houseguests also got video messages from their loved ones back home. Chris’ mom provided a humorous moment in an otherwise sad episode when she told Chris he might remember her from the Wendy’s drive thru.

After the video messages, the houseguests began to depart. Carol was the first to depart, leaving at 1:36 pm. John Luke, Madeline, and Rianne were the next to depart at 2:13 pm. Angie Tackie was the next to leave at a time not revealed by a timecard.

Hira was the next to leave at 4:47 pm. Chris and Susanne were the next two to leave at a time not revealed by a timecard. At 6:18 pm, Vanessa was the next one to leave the house. After Vanessa left, Minh-Ly revealed to Brooke and Sheldon that she almost backed out of the season. Then, it was Minh-Ly’s turn to leave. As the last two left in the house, Brooke and Sheldon sat in the chairs the final 2 would normally sit in. At last, it was Brooke and Sheldon’s turn to leave the house. Sheldon was officially the last person out the door.

After Brooke and Sheldon departed, each room was shown one last time. Only now, they were all empty. Then, the lights went off in the house for the final time this year. The final timecard revealed the lights were out on the season for good at 7:31 pm on March 24.

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