Kyle Rozendal’s Worst Moves of Big Brother Canada 8

With Big Brother Canada 8 now over, we decided to look back at the season. We will be going down the list of every Big Brother Canada 8 and detailing their worst moves. Here are Kyle Rozendal’s worst moves.

With Big Brother Canada 8 now over, we decided to look back at the season. We will be going down the list of every Big Brother Canada 8 and detailing their worst moves. Here are Kyle Rozendal’s worst moves.

Kyle started off strong before crashing and burning his way to expulsion. A twist saw Canada vote to keep their favorites safe from eviction in week 1. There would be no Head of Household. Instead, the four people with the fewest votes were in jeopardy of leaving and would have three chances to save themselves: a physical competition, a mental competition, and through their social game. Canada voted for Kyle to remain safe.

In week 2, Kyle helped form the KVBS alliance with Vanessa Clements, Brooke Warnock, and Sheldon Jean. Kyle used his connection to HOH Chris Wyllie to save his ally Sheldon from a backdoor and instead target Micheal Stubley. When Hira Deol won the POV competition to save himself from eviction that week, Kyle and Chris considered nominating Minh-Ly Nguyen Cao instead after Minh-Ly told Vanessa she was coming after Kyle. However, they stuck to the plan and Micheal was named the replacement nominee. Before eviction night, Micheal called out Kyle at Minh-Ly’s urging. This did nothing to change things and Micheal was evicted 9-3.

In week 3, KVBS remained in control when Sheldon won HOH. This time, they targeted Minh-Ly as the biggest threat to their alliance. Madeline Di Nunzio and Rianne Swanson were the initial nominees that week. At the POV Competition, players competed in teams of 2. The teammate selected by random draw would win the veto and the player chosen by their teammate would be immune for the week. Pairs for the veto competition were Madeline and John Luke Kieper, Chris and Kyle, Rianne and Hira, Minh-Ly and Vanessa, and Brooke and Susanne Fuda.

Prior to the POV Competition, Kyle and Vanessa were asked to throw the POV Competition by Sheldon to prevent Minh-Ly from winning the POV. This didn’t sit well with Vanessa, who told Minh-Ly that Brooke had asked her to throw the POV. Minh-Ly then relayed this to Carol Rosher and Hira and Carol then relayed it to Kyle. Kyle then told Brooke and Sheldon what he heard, causing them to distrust Vanessa.

However, when confronted with what they had heard, Vanessa denied everything to her alliance and blamed Minh-Ly. Kyle and the rest of KVBS sided with Vanessa and a large target was placed on Minh-Ly’s back.

After Madeline and John Luke won the POV Competition, Sheldon needed a replacement nominee. He named Minh-Ly the replacement nominee, much to Jamar Lee’s chagrin.

Frustrated by the lies people were telling about her, Minh-Ly confronted Vanessa trying to get to the bottom of the lies. Having gotten nowhere with Vanessa, Minh-Ly called a house meeting. During the house meeting, Jamar’s action caused Kyle and Vanessa to feel uncomfortable. They went to production with this and Jamar was expelled from the Big Brother Canada house. Two days after Jamar’s expulsion, Kyle was also expelled from the Big Brother Canada house for what production deemed “a pattern of problematic behavior.” No evidence of this was shown on tv.

Kyle Rozendal’s worst moves of Big Brother Canada 8

Kyle’s had two bad moves during his time on Big Brother Canada 8 was doing whatever it was that led to his expulsion. Big Brother Canada didn’t show us the incidents in question. This makes it hard to precisely pinpoint where he went wrong to get kicked out.

His other bad move was making so many deals. He had so many deals going around that he was covered in blood after just week 2. It seemed as though most everyone who was not in his alliance was targeting him for eviction. It is highly unlikely he was going to the end because of the target he had on his back.

What do you think Kyle’s worst moves of Big Brother Canada 8 were if he had any bad moves? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!