Why Workaholics deserves a rewatch in 2020


If you’re in the mood for something mindless and silly, look no further than Comedy Central’s Workaholics. Here’s why you should consider it for your next TV rewatch.

Wanna go back to a simpler time when you could socialize with your friends and truly live life? Workaholics, which aired on Comedy Central from 2011 to 2017, is the perfect sitcom to put you in a better mindset with its crude, lowbrow, but highly entertaining take on workplace comedy.

The early 2010s were well documented by Workaholics. From the questionable fashion choices to long-forgotten radio hits, the comedy is a fun stroll down memory lane to a time when we could party and get loose without fear. I’ve certainly enjoyed living vicariously through Workaholics’ central characters, Blake, Adam, and Anders, and their extremely wild antics. They are always looking for something exciting and unexpected to do.

Workaholics works best when it centers on the dynamite comedic timing between Blake Anderson’s, Adam Devine’s, and Anders Holm’s self-named characters. Like a modern-day The Three Stooges, these three best friends constantly play tricks on and try to one-up each other. To make matters better, even the side characters bring a lot to the table. Jillian Bells’ Jillian and Maribeth Monroe’s Alice are able to hold their own against the main trio.

And with so many who are out of work or are adjusting to working from home, some could find comfort in seeing the cast of Workaholics riff and roast each other from their cubicles.

In spending some time watching, or rewatching, Workaholics, let it remind you of some good times you’ve had on the job. Let the show distract you from whatever is stressing you out, even if just a half-hour episode.

Comedy Central's Workaholics
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Nearly every episode is entirely self-contained, so there’s not really a need to follow along with the series in order. The comedy also makes a great choice to have on in the background when you’re doing something else. You might find yourself getting distracted from time to time, but if you really needed to focus, you’d turn of the TV, right?

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Workaholics is available for streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Comedy Central’s website.