Bob’s Burgers: 3 reasons why Josh is a better fit for Tina

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /
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Reason #2: Josh wants Tina and only Tina

If there is one quintessential Josh episode, it’s “Two For Tina.” Despite us meeting Josh four episodes earlier, he made a quick comeback. The episode begins with Tina asking Jimmy Jr to go to the dance with her and he gives her a maybe. Once she’s walking home, she runs into Josh and it’s clear the two haven’t lost their spark. Eventually, Josh decides to ask Tina to his dance and Tina says she’ll get back to him.

Despite Jimmy Jr getting jealous, Tina decides to go with Josh and the two even go on a date before going to the dance together. Things are going great until Jimmy Jr shows up at Josh’s dance to try to win Tina.

Tina is of course, flattered and gets a bit too excited, resulting in her ending up alone. In reality, Tina flies too close to the sun and doesn’t realize how good of a thing she has with Josh. Josh even tries to make things better by telling Tina to call him when she knows what she wants.

This episode is the biggest example of why Tina should be with Josh. Throughout “Two For Tina,” he picks her every time. He even gives her a second chance at the end which Jimmy Jr never does. While she ends up alone, he doesn’t shut the door on them eventually coming back together.

It’s cute to see how much Josh likes Tina and how much he wants to be with her despite her quirks. If there is one big shining example of Josh being the best fit for Tina, it’s easily “Two For Tina.”