5 anime characters built for quarantine

What does a space bounty hunter, the wife of a trained fighter, and a wrongly incarcerated child have in common? They’re all anime characters equipped for quarantine!

In the midst of a pandemic and quarantine period, many of us have a solid amount of spare time on our hands. While everyone is entitled to handle this difficult situation in their own way, there’s definitely those who are more equipped for such circumstances and anime is no different.

From thriving with a special person or finding the idea of social distancing as a possible vacation, there are a few characters that feel prepared to do what’s necessary. Here are five anime characters built for quarantine.

Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop

In Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel is the quiet bounty hunter who enjoys his solitude. Sure, things quickly change as the Bebop becomes more crowded than he imagined, but that doesn’t change the fact that Spike is someone who requires a little solo time.

I can only imagine that he’d be restless after having to put his bounty hunting passion aside, but maybe then he could take some time to sort through his own turmoil because with that much time to spare, a little reflecting might be nice right?

Haru – Free

Haru is easily one character who seems to genuinely not have an interest in people. He does have a small circle of friends and acquaintances, but his true love is and will always be water. Give Haru a pool and he would come out of quarantine the best swimmer on the planet.

Now, if Haru doesn’t have a pool on-site then he might begin to have problems, but as long as he’s in water you can count on Haru being the true master of social distancing.

yu yu hakusho

Photo credit: Studio Pierrot

Hiei – Yu Yu Hakusho

Now as far as we know, the pandemic hasn’t hit the demon world, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. From beginning to end in Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei makes it known that he prefers to go a solo route, but that does seem to shift as he enjoys the friendships he forms with Team Urameshi. With that being said, Hiei has spent a large chunk of his very long life on a solo journey, so regardless of his preference, Hiei has what it takes to bunker down and isolate.

Ganta – Deadman Wonderland

Those of you who are fans of Deadman Wonderland know that the series is essentially one big streak of awful luck for protagonist Ganta. Despite his young age, Ganta is thrown into a life where he’s surrounded by the most dangerous and feared criminals that leaves his life consistently hanging by a thread.

Between that and Shiro who is clearly obsessed with Ganta in a very unhealthy way, Ganta is someone that we’d like to see get some peace and quiet. Sorry Shiro, Ganta can’t hang out, he’s just busy doing the right thing and creating distance.

Chi Chi – Dragon Ball Z

In the Dragon Ball universe, everyone is constantly moving — whether across the world or to other worlds entirely. It’s safe to say that 90% of the characters in Dragon Ball would struggle, but Chi Chi has been literally begging Goku, Gohan and Goten to stay put.

Chi Chi’s desire to have the family in one place is one of the most consistent character attributes from Dragon Ball and it’s about time that her family listens to her for once and takes the time to do some family bonding.

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Now that you know a few anime characters that we believe could handle quarantine, let us know a few characters you think might excel!