5 shows to watch on Acorn TV in June 2020 (plus everything arriving)

Hidden Season 2 -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Hidden Season 2 -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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4. Digging for Britain Seasons 2 to 4

If you enjoyed the first season of the documentary, then you’ll most definitely want to check out the next three seasons arriving on Acorn TV in June 2020. Those who haven’t checked out the first season yet will want to right away.

Throughout the next three seasons, Professor Alice Roberts gives us a deeper look at Britain’s history, and some disturbing sites. Get ready to learn about the 97 baby skeletons found by the Thames, Cambridgeshire’s “Pompeii of the Bronze Age,” and the sweat lodges of Marden Henge. There’s far more that you won’t want to miss out on. All episodes will be available at once.

3. Seachange: Paradise Reclaimed

You’ve spent the last few months watching the 1990s Australian drama Seachange. Now it’s time to check out the 2019 reboot, Seachange: Paradise Reclaimed. The series takes place 20 years after the final season of the original series, following Laura Gibson after the breakup of her marriage and loss of her job.

Laura is in a place of questioning what’s next in her life. When she returns to Pearl Bay, her estranged daughter, Miranda, ends up needing her help. Unknown to Laura, Miranda is pregnant and close to give birth. Could this bring the two closer together?

All eight episodes are streaming at once.