4 major questions for grown-ish Season 3, Part 2

Photo by Freeform/Tony Rivett
Photo by Freeform/Tony Rivett /
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What will become of Zoey’s decision?

In the grown-ish Season 3 midseason finale, Zoey made the major decision to drop out of Cal U and focus on her job as a stylist. The verdict seemed a bit uncalled for, as she leaves her friends before senior year and now puts everything on the line in terms of advancing in her career.

Part 2 of Season 3 will likely show the ramifications of the decision, and Zoey could possibly deal with adversity in terms of living life outside of college and not being with her close friends.

Will she ultimately regret it and return? Will she thrive and make a name for herself? This is easily the biggest question we have.

How will Jazz and Doug taking a break affect them?

In the grown-ish midseason finale, Jazz (Chloe Bailey) decides she wants to take a break from her relationship with Doug (Diggy Simmons) while she focuses on her training for half-a-year. Nevertheless, six months is a long time, so it remains to be seen how each will deal with the pause from their relationship.

Could it create a gap between them? Will it make them more invested when they get back together?