Top 5 merriest and roguish renditions of Robin Hood

ROBIN HOOD: Credit: Lionsgate -- Acquired via EPK.TV
ROBIN HOOD: Credit: Lionsgate -- Acquired via EPK.TV /
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3. Sean Connery – Robin and Marian

Portraying an over-the-hill veteran who’s tired and jaded by war while retaining the sly charm of Robin Hood is no easy task. You obviously need someone with serious charisma, and you don’t get much more charismatic than Connery.

Unlike most other tales about the iconic rogue, this presents an older Robin who’s searching for purpose. The vigor of his youth is still there, but it’s buried beneath twenty years of slaughter and shame. As the drama progresses, you see his spirit gradually return.

It’s a layered and subtle performance, one which Connery pulls off beautifully with a balance of wit and emotional heft. He conveys the pathos inherent to the premise without getting caught up in melodrama. More broadly, he brings a unique poignancy to this storied hero. That’s not something you can say about many others.

2. Kevin Costner – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Yeah, everyone and their mother has made fun of his English accent (or lack thereof), but a performance is more than a simple dialect. Costner has always been a likable yet commanding screen presence, so he naturally embodies the role of an inspiring leader. His Robin Hood has an uplifting quality about him. Listening to him makes you believe that things can be better as if he’s speaking to you as one of you.

Underneath that, however, are subtle hints of seething passion and desire for retribution. As the story progresses, this slowly turns to a drive for justice, and Costner’s increasingly wholesome performance reflects that. It’s the perfect arc for this legendary figure, going from his grim roots all the way to his heroic victory. From that perspective, Costner was the perfect choice in some ways. However, there’s still someone who fits the role in all ways.