The dead could live again on AMC’s Tales of the Walking Dead

Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series, is in development now at AMC

Fans were not happy with the announcement that The Walking Dead would end after 11 seasons. The long-running zombie drama won’t actually finish its run until 2022 due to the separation of the episodes, but already AMC has back-ups in the works, one of which may soothe irritated nerves.

Tales of the Walking Dead, an anthology series, is in development now at AMC. Chief content creator, Scott Gimple defined the series as “individual episodes or arcs of episodes focused on new and existing characters, backstories, or other stand-alone experiences.” As the backstories of deceased characters on the show will be told, TWD fans could look forward to seeing some of their favorites come back to life, so to speak.

In fact, U.S. Army Sergeant Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz, gave a “strong subtle yes” when asked if his character would be returning along with a “very, very possible.” And fans are already clamoring for the return of one character in particular.

The Walking Dead

Will Tales of the Walking Dead bring back Glenn?

TWD fans still haven’t gotten over the death of Glenn, portrayed by Steven Yeun. Yeun was on the series for six seasons, and his death came as both a shock and a disappointment to viewers, especially since his relationship with Maggie was a stalwart for the show, giving fans something to look forward to amidst the dark drama.

It didn’t matter that Glenn also died in the comics. Fans were hoping the writers and producers would opt to go in a different direction for the television show. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, and the gruesome scene turned off fans, some of who left the series behind. So a prequel to Glenn’s story would, undoubtedly, be welcome.

Whatever stories the producers of Tales of the Walking Dead choose to tell, they won’t run out of material anytime soon as the AMC drama has seen its fair share of deaths.

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