Why Nathan Griffith says he doesn’t want Kaiser around Jenelle Evans’ son Jace

Fans of the Teen Mom franchise already know that wherever Jenelle Evans goes, drama follows. And even after being fired from the MTV franchise last year, she’s still remained in the spotlight through Instagram, and of course, her many TikTok videos.

Followers have watched Jenelle’s ups and downs with husband David Eason on the edge of their seats for years, but the mom-of-three’s latest drama surprisingly has less to do with David, and more to do with her ex, Nathan Griffith.

You might’ve heard this week that Jenelle and Nathan finally reached a custody agreement for their son six-year-old son Kaiser. It felt like the custody battle would never end, but Jenelle confirmed to E! News on October 20 that the exes worked things out, explaining:

I’m happy we were able to work it out and reach an agreement outside of court. We’re finally ready to all get along and not spend thousands of dollars in court fees.

Well, now that Jenelle and Nathan finally have that out of the way, it looks like Nathan is stirring up some more drama.

As reported by The Ashley, Nathan went on Instagram Live this week to discuss his now-positive relationship with David, as well as why he doesn’t like Jenelle’s oldest son, Jace. Confused? Us too.

Apparently, Kaiser is not a fan of Jenelle’s 11-year-old son, and does not want Kaiser to spend time with him. He provided an explanation, saying:

I don’t want Kaiser around Jace. I don’t like him. I don’t think Jace is a good kid, and that’s my opinion…I think Kaiser has a big heart; I think he’s very loving and I think Jace picks on him because he’s smaller. So I don’t like Kaiser around Jace, and I’m sorry.

Considering he and Jenelle just got on seemingly good terms and were able to work the custody agreement out, I don’t think he should be making any other requests, especially as agitating as this one.

Though Jenelle’s mom Barbara has had custody of Jace for basically his whole life, Jace often spends time at Jenelle and David’s home, considering they’re family. I don’t see things working out in Nathan’s favor here.

Since Nathan is apparently now a fan of David, perhaps the whole Jace issue will blow over. But at the same time, the drama never ends with this extended family. No one’s to say what will happen next!