Bob’s Burgers: 5 Thanksgiving tips to help survive this year

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Bob's Burgers

The final two tips come from Season 9 and Season 10’s Thanksgiving showings.

The next episode is “I Bob Your Pardon” which was Season 9’s Thanksgiving episode. The episode features the Belchers working together to try to stop a turkey from being killed after it was officially pardoned by the mayor. It turns into a wild turkey chase including a reporter getting roped into the madness. Eventually, they’re able to set the turkey free and Bob even gets the fresh cranberries he wanted for their dinner.

The major tip from this episode is to not be afraid to do the right thing. The Belchers worked together and were able to save a turkey. Once again, it’s pretty unlikely to happen to any of us but it’s never wrong to do the right thing on Thanksgiving. Whether it’s offering to help do the dishes, get the food in containers, or make a dessert, doing something to help out will make you feel more thankful.

The final episode we’re looking at is “Now We’re Not Cooking With Gas” which was Season 10’s Thanksgiving episode. The episode features Bob finally getting his chance to cook a special Thanksgiving he’s been waiting for but everything is against him. Whether it’s the lack of gas, rain, or some clumsiness, Bob just can’t win. Thankfully, in the end, the Belchers are able to enjoy the turkey but not as they originally imagined.

The major tip from Season 10’s episode has to be to roll with the punches. If something goes wrong, then be prepared to improvise. There’s always room for errors when it comes to cooking and with how 2020 has gone so far, it shouldn’t be surprising.

Either way, the Belchers made the best of a bad situation and that’s basically the motto for this year. Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be perfect so let the small things roll off your back. We all deserve a break and maybe watching some of Bob’s Burgers is exactly what you need.

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