Is The Stand season 2 happening?

For those who are eager to tune in, season 1 ofThe Stand certainly seems like a wild and terrifying ride, to say the least.

The highly-buzzed about 2020 adaptation premieres this week on CBS All Access. So naturally, fans are eager to know if and when there’s more to come for the miniseries based on the Stephen King novel after season 1. But before we get to that, let’s recap what The Stand is all about.

The Stand synopsis

The CBS All Access miniseries is a based on the well-known novel written by Stephen King of the same name. The Stand has been described as “King’s apocalyptic vision” of a world that’s been destroyed by a plague and the plot is said to be “embroiled in an elemental struggle between good and evil.” This struggle, of course, is the prolific author’s specialty.

The popular dark novel was first published in 1978 and centers around a pandemic brought about by the American government. In the book as well as in the miniseries, the deadly strain has almost killed everyone on the planet. How ominous.

The official series description reads:

The fate of mankind rests on the frail shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abigail (Goldberg) and a handful of survivors. Their worst nightmares are embodied in a man with a lethal smile and unspeakable powers: Randall Flagg (Skarsgård), the Dark Man.

The Stand cast

As reported by Rotten Tomatoes, The Stand has a notably star-studded cast. Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden, Odessa Young, Jovan Adepo, Amber Heard, Owen Teague, Henry Zaga, Brad William Henke, Greg Kinnear, Irene Bedard, and Nat Wolff all appear in the miniseries.

Will there be a second season of The Stand?

Right now, we’re not sure if this show will get a second season. But probably not. After all, this adaptation is a miniseries. Still, you never know what might happen next. And as Screen Rant notes, the latest adaption of the book has way more to offer than TV adaptations of the past. So stay tuned.

The new series debuts December 17, 2020 on CBS All Access.