Can you watch The Office for free without Netflix?

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Netflix has become a little less cool without The Office. Where can we watch a comedy now?

As soon as Netflix announced it would be removing The Office from its library of content, our hearts broke. What gives and where else can we watch it (and for free)?

Netflix may continue to be our go-to streaming service, but we’re not happy. We can’t help it! As much as we love the movies at HBO Max and the family content at Disney Plus, Netflix simply provides more variety.

Not to mention, there is always something new to watch on Netflix. The streaming king releases new content almost daily, it’s tough to beat that!

Still, for how many new shows and movies premiered, The Office is one of those shows you just had to play in the background. Sometimes you would sit down and pay attention to it while other times Michael, Dwight, Jim, and the others would be in the back. It was comforting.

Now that The Office is gone from Netflix, where can you watch it?

On Dec. 31, 2020, our favorite comedy series is getting the boot from Netflix and moving on to Peacock!

It makes sense, I suppose. The show is an NBC production, so they have the rights to it. Before, there were more network-owned shows on Netflix. But now, each of them seems to have their own streaming service so they are claiming their rights.

Things balance out with all the original content Netflix has been dishing out, but The Office will be heavily and dearly missed.

So can you watch The Office for free on Peacock? Sadly, no. But sort of yes. With a monthly subscription, you can watch it just as you did on Netflix. Other than that, perhaps if you set up a free trial to test drive the service. Just be sure to binge-watch it quickly!

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Where will you be watching the comedy now? Do you own the Blu-ray/DVD sets? At this point, we might as well make the purchase! It’s definitely worth it.