Finding Joy Season 2 is now streaming on Acorn TV

All new episodes from Finding Joy Season 2 are now on Acorn TV

Finding Joy isn’t your typical comedy about a thirtysomething woman trying to figure out how to get her life back on track. There’s more to come from the excellent Irish comedy on Finding Joy Season 2, now streaming on Acorn TV.

The new season picks up where the first season left us. Joy is focused on her work, but throughout the first season, she realized that she needs more balance. That has led to a whole new journey during the second season.

Joy wants to continue finding balance. She wants to continue finding the things that make people happy, and she’s doing it a little differently this time.

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Something we can all relate to

There are a lot of elements ot the show that we can relate to, including the main character. Don’t we all want to find balance and find joy?

Finding Joy Season 2 takes that relatability to another level. Joy has moved on from the small segment she had with her job. She is now building an online brand, which means putting in a lot of work to build her social media presence.

It’s something many people are doing right now. They’re looking to find something new to do, something they’re passionate about. More and more people are leaving the nine to five to do their own thing, so this is the season for them.

Oh, and there is more Aiden, the dog who loves to make a mess everywhere and tells us a lot of what he thinks about his human. Where will he do it next?

The best thing is that this is a binge-watch. And it is certainly a binge-worthy show.

Check out the trailer for Finding Joy Season 2:

Finding Joy Season 2 is now available to stream in full on Acorn TV.