NCIS Season 18, Episode 6: How do Ellie and Nick escape a jail cell?

NCIS Season 18, Episode 6 found the team on a case dealing with explosives while also being down, well, everyone. What happens when Bishop and Torres become trapped in jail during a case without McGee? Chaos, plenty of chaos.

In addition to being down two agents, Gibbs is on his own since McGee is still on leave. How will Gibbs find his missing agents? Read on to find out how everything went down in this CBS episode.

The current case found the team looking for two brothers, Craig and Jesse Duncan, who are suspected of smuggling explosives made out of cocktail bricks. It appears the case is simple, that is until Ellie and Nick go missing while looking into a tip.

After taking a wrong turn, the agents find the brothers holding up in an abandoned sheriff’s office and take gunfire before being trapped inside two adjoining jail cells. With one of the brothers fatally injured, the two men run off in their vehicle, leaving them trapped.

NCIS Season 18, Episode 6 finds Gibbs struggling after the shooting

At first, Gibbs has no idea anything is wrong, other than the fact no one has heard from the agents. It isn’t until the agents’ car is found abandoned and one of the brothers deceased inside that he realizes they are missing.

Without two of the team members in question, Gibbs turns to the remaining agent he has left. McGee, who is on leave after the shooting during the Merriweather case, is able to help access both Bishop and Torres’ work computers from his laptop.

Gibbs and McGee do share a brief moment of tense silence during their first meeting since the shooting. However, McGee says he knows Gibbs did what he had to do to save his life. Even though he may be saying the words, it’s clear that there is more that needs to be said. However, seeing as how Gibbs is normally a man of few words, it still feels as though there is more that he is holding back.

Luckily, thanks to Nick being able to briefly call Gibbs and give him what little info he could, McGee and Kasie are able to help Gibbs track them down. Just in time too as the remaining brother, Jesse, is about to make his exit.

Gibbs tries to find the words to talk to McGee

Even after Nick and Ellie are safe and the case is over, Gibbs still makes time to see McGee on NCIS Season 18, Episode 6. Having spent his time avoiding a conversation, he uses the case as a reason for the visit. All while knowing Nick had talked to McGee about the experience he and Ellie went through.

He wants to say the words he needs out loud, but McGee beats him to it. It was also hard on him, but Nick’s words to him about the difficult times making him work harder helped him gain some perspective.

It may not be easy for them in the future, but for now, it’s clear McGee wants to move past what happened. It was good to see they didn’t gloss over the Merriweather case and showed Gibbs was struggling over what he did.

Something’s going on with Ellie and Nick

While trapped in their jail cells, both Nick and Ellie are stressed and trying to cope with all that is happening. Just when Ellie thinks she is able to escape, she steps on a pressure plate that is connected to one of the bricks wired to explode. With the thought of either of them getting blown up heavy in their minds, they are determined to survive.

The scenes between Ellie and Nick are obviously setting up the possibility they will get together. They have done everything except completely admit how they feel towards one another. This episode clearly showed they have deeper feelings and there’s a moment that makes you wonder if anything did happen.

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